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Archives for July 2011

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Soulful Sundays – India.Arie

My blog buddy, Elizabeth’s post yesterday at Mirth and Motivation had me straining to remember a song, a fragment of which floated tauntingly just outside my consciousness. Each time, I thought I had it, it floated further away from me.

India.Arie from


I stayed up quite late listening to Jill and Macy, getting more and more frustrated because it wasn’t either of them and worse, I was no closer to finding out than when I began. No point doing an Internet search since I couldn’t even remember the words.

Sometimes, when I can’t solve a problem or remember something, I put it to bed and by the next morning, I’d wake with the answer.

I chuckled when I realized how quietly the information had slipped into my memory. The song, Brown Skin, by neo-soul, R&B singer,India.Arie, had been my personal anthem. How could I have forgotten it? There was a time when I played it so much, I was sure I had damaged it. Then, as one of my best friends who’d met a new love raved ceaselessly about Acoustic Soul, the CD that brought her to our attention, I listened again and heard things I didn’t realize were there.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Broken

After an encounter with an elephant.

Broken tree

Broken tree

Broken tree detail

Broken tree detail

Weekend Getaway – Bermuda

Bermuda Cup Match takes place this weekend in Bermuda. My friends are there. Since I couldn’t make it, I’m thinking about them and wondering which of the sites they’ll get time to see.

Held over two consecutive public holidays, Cup Match is a signature event of Bermudian cricket that pits two rival cricket teams, Somerset and St. George’s, against each other. It has been held on the island since 1902.

Outside of Christmas, Cup Match is the most popular event in Bermuda. Scores of Bermudians and international visitors swarm the island, swelling the population to more than twice its size. It is one big weekend-long party that shuts the island down. [Read more…]

Travel Photo Thursday – Pulteney Bridge

Avon River at Bath

The Pulteney Bridge over the Avon River, Bath

Named after Frances Pulteney, heiress of Bathwich, the Pulteney Bridge was built in 1773 over the Avon River near Bath.

The river is mesmerizing, I could have watched it for hours.

Avon River at Pulteney Bridge, Bath

Avon River near Pulteney Bridge, Bath

Enjoy the views!