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Our 3rd Blogiversary – in 3 Takes, Take III and a Giveaway

My visit to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Lesotho starting me blogging, but Jamaica was my inspiration to get in to travel. Though I was born in Jamaica, I don't know it as well as I think I should. When I got laid off from my job in November 2003, I … [Read more]

Our 3rd Blogiversary – in 3 Takes, Take II

In the Take I on InsideJourneys' 3rd blogiversary, we looked back at the trip to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Lesotho, that inspired me to start blogging. The year following that momentous trip, I visited London, Paris and Toronto. Here are some of … [Read more]

Our 3rd Blogiversary – in 3 Takes

The date of my 3rd blogiversary hit me by surprise this year. (Honestly, I'd totally forgotten about it!) I was doing a little site maintenance last week and noticed the date of my first post - November 29th. Right away, I knew what I wanted to do - … [Read more]

The Jamaican Cookbooks I Can’t Live Without

Many of us learn to cook while watching the women in our families - our mothers, grandmothers, and aunties. Many others learn from using cookbooks. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen in my early days - but I was doing homework rather than … [Read more]