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Spanish and British History in Spanish Town Jamaica

The British had such a long colonial history in Jamaica (1655–1962) that we usually forget that the island was a Spanish colony for more than 150 years (1494-1655). We forget, until we come across places like Savanna la Mar, Ocho Rios and Spanish … [Read more]

The Naseberry (Fruit)

On a recent trip from Jamaica to New York, my friend and neighbor asked if I could take some frozen naseberries for a relative of hers who, she explained loves naseberries. She drove around town until she found a vendor selling the delicious fruit … [Read more]

Colbeck Castle

Leaving Old Harbour, we drive north for about three miles then turn off the main road and into a small community. We follow the signs pointing to Colbeck Castle, our destination, which we reach after going through what looks like a private … [Read more]

The Ortanique

The ortanique looks much like an orange and could easily be mistaken for one. The difference is in its shape -- it's typically a bit flat on top and bottom. This native of Jamaica, a hybrid of the orange and tangerine, gets its name from … [Read more]