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Learning Historic Preservation Techniques in Falmouth Jamaica

While doing research online two years ago, I happened on information about historic preservation and Archeology Awareness Week in Jamaica. My interest piqued, I followed a link to the website for Falmouth Heritage Renewal (FHR), a charitable … [Read more]

Eating Chinatown NYC’s Cellar Restaurants

I had never heard the term cellar restaurant until Liz of Ahoy New York mentioned it during our walking tour of Little Italy and Chinatown a few weekends ago. Cellar restaurants are located in the basement of a building. There are two in … [Read more]

A Wine Tasting at Little Italy’s Enoteca DiPalo

A wine tasting was the last thing on my mind when I signed up for Ahoy New York’s Food Tasting and Cultural Walking Tour of Little Italy and Chinatown a few weekends ago. However, several hours after our tour, my friend, Joan and I were back at … [Read more]

Valentine’s Day Stories About How They Met

A few days ago, my best friend mentioned that her parents met on a blind date on Valentine’s Day. There were married for forty years until death separated them. I remember thinking what a sweet love story then immediately it occurred to me how … [Read more]