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On the Warren County Winery Train to Villa Milagro Vineyard

I was researching vineyards in the northeast online a few weeks ago and discovered the Warren County Winery Train, a steam locomotive that takes wine lovers to a vineyard in New Jersey. I was excited. I’d taken diesel trains in Jamaica but a steam … [Read more]

Crocodile Eggs Make Stamina Punch in Jamaica

Recently, an article in the local paper, the Daily Gleaner, caught my attention. According to the piece, men in the eastern parish of St. Thomas are drinking a stamina punch that’s made from crocodile eggs. Several things went through my mind as I … [Read more]

Rundown or Dip and Fall Back

Cooking is as much about skill as it is about passion. Either of these on their own can produce a satisfactory dish; bring them together and you have a delicious meal. My first attempt at making Rundown, or Rundung in our Jamaican dialect, was for … [Read more]

Jimmy Cliff, Rivers Crossed Tour

Musical acts that open for big name performers, to use a Rodney Dangerfield phrase, 'don't get no respect.' That’s mainly because the audience is so anxious for the headliner to take the stage that they mostly ignore the opening act. I wasn't … [Read more]