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Jamaica Board Signs, I

Signs like this one make me smile. Specifically, it's the part that states, it is my intention to apply. As long as you intend to apply, you're golden. Like most places, business establishments in Jamaica that sell spirits must have a … [Read more]

The Institute of Jamaica – Rastafari: Unconquerable!

On July 21st, the Institute of Jamaica opened an historic exhibition entitled, Rastafari: Unconquerable! It is the first exhibition in Jamaica on the Rastas and as soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to see it. During the ride to the … [Read more]

FoodieTuesday: Passion Fruit Drink

The passion fruit is a round yellow (or purple) fruit with a very distinctive flavor. It is used in juices, ice cream, pastries and even syrup. The yellow passion fruit is quite common in Jamaica and is usually found growing on vines in backyard … [Read more]

The Smelly Starfish Flower

I saw the starfish flower for the first time a few years ago in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. I didn't know its name and everyone I showed the photo to, shook their heads. They didn't know either. All I knew for sure was that the stems made me think it had … [Read more]