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The Tambourine in Jamaican Culture

The tambourine or timbrel is an important musical instrument in Revival churches in Jamaica. It is also featured in mento, Kumina and Pocomania music. According to Wikipedia, the tambourine originated in Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, the Middle … [Read more]

Frankfurt’s Quick-trip Treasures

Considering the wealth of attractions on offer, it’s surprisingly easy to grab a taste of Frankfurt in just a few short days. Atmospheric Old World architecture contrasts with a futuristic city skyline, and there are more museums than you could see … [Read more]

Foodie Tuesday: Saltfish, from Poor Man’s Food to National Dish

Saltfish is so popular in Jamaica, it's one of the two main ingredients in ackee and saltfish, our national dish. We eat it fried, roasted, baked, or in stews and at any meal of the day. Salt or codfish came to Jamaica by way of Canada - Nova … [Read more]

A Colorful Stilt Walker

I was waiting at the airport to pick up a friend when I saw this stilt walker.  With his colorful costume and height -- he looked about 10 feet tall -- he was impossible to miss in the crowd of people who, like me, had gathered at the arrival … [Read more]