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Jamaica @51: Rice and Peas or the Jamaican Coat of Arms

Welcome to another #FoodieTuesday! You can join the #FoodieTuesday linkup by - Adding the link to your foodie post in the link tool at the bottom of this post Leaving a comment. As a courtesy, please include a link back to this … [Read more]

A Vibrant Bouquet Tropical Flowers

One of the best things about the tropics is the profusion of flowering plants. They spill out from gardens, line country roads and overhang private walkways, and paint my surroundings in vibrant red, yellow, purple, and white. During the past … [Read more]

Everald Brown Dove Harp – Jamaica

It wasn't hard to miss this colorful object, called a dove harp, that was part of an exhibition on view at the National Museum of Jamaica (formerly the Institute of Jamaica). I thought I recognized the work as belonging to one of our local artists … [Read more]

Foodie Tuesday: Blue Drawers

Welcome to another #FoodieTuesday linkup!   Would you eat something called blue drawers? Don’t answer just yet. Read on then let me know later. Jamaicans have a knack for christening people and things with more descriptive names. … [Read more]