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How Not to Get Sucked in by Times Square Electronic Stores

Up to 70% off all cameras, the sign screamed, its bright red letters unmistakable against the white background. It could have been there for months but on that day late last year, it drew me in. I'd heard about them before I even moved to New York … [Read more]

Pigeon Peas

One of the sure signs that Christmas is around the corner is the flowering of the pigeon peas. Also known as gandules, they are called gungo or pigeon peas here in Jamaica and are the essential ingredient in the rice and peas dish most families … [Read more]


I was so taken by this boat - its color and design, and the way it contrasted with the blue of the water - that I had to take a photo. It also gave me the idea for today's Travel Photo Thursday post. Here are a few other 'boat' photos I found … [Read more]

Eating Lionfish

I love fish, especially red snapper and salmon but I've found a new love lately: the lionfish. I'd been hearing about the lionfish since I arrived here last year but I was nervous to try it. From news reports, I learned that the colorful spiky … [Read more]