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Italy – The Hub of Showbiz

Italy is a country historically rich in culture. From the renaissance era it has been an artistic hub for Europe and much of the western world- and today is no different. From the majestic mountains and tranquil lakes, to the vibrant metropolises of … [Read more]

Jamaica50 The Colors of Independence

This past Monday, August 6th, Jamaica celebrated 50 years of independence from Britain. The festivities here got off to a slow start primarily because we had a change of government in December and the word on the street is that the previous plans … [Read more]

Staying Safe While on the Road

We rarely think about staying safe while on the road but consider what happened to me on a recent trip. While it wasn't serious, it had me rethinking safety while I travel. It was a few minutes before 3 a.m. I pulled the shower curtain back and … [Read more]

Happy 50th Birthday Jamaica!

Ernesto lost its steam overnight so today, Jamaicans are focusing on marking 50th years of Independence from Britain and celebrating big wins at the London Olympics. Our medal count's now up to 2 golds, silver and bronze. There's no better way to … [Read more]