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Is Jamaica a Safe Place to Visit?

Is Jamaica a safe place to visit? It’s the question I’m asked over and over. Sometimes, I reply flippantly that it’s probably safer for visitors than for residents. It’s true. To protect the lucrative tourist market, the Jamaican government relies … [Read more]

New York’s Fashion Walk of Fame

′Think New York and you'll think either theater, fashion or finance.  Theater has Broadway, finance has Wall Street with its iconic bull, and fashion has Seventh or Fashion Avenue. Did you know that Fashion Avenue has a Fashion Walk of … [Read more]

Looking Back at the 2009 Inauguration

The re-election of President Barack Obama for a second term has me thinking back to his first inauguration in 2009. What an amazing experience that was. I wasn't interested in attending the inauguration. During the years that I’d lived in … [Read more]

My Year of Travelling in Jamaica & Elsewhere, Pt II

As 2012 drew to a close, I was plagued by the notion that I didn't do enough travelling. It was making me feel a bit regretful so I started making a list -- I love lists! Sure enough, I realized I had done a lot of travelling in Jamaica and that made … [Read more]