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The Surroundings Make the Experience at St Ermin’s

Whenever you decide to book into a hotel in London, the first thing you’ll consider is the location. This is everything when you want to be sure you spend as much time exploring and as little time getting from A to B as possible. St Ermin’s Hotel in … [Read more]

In the Shadow of 9/11

Being in New York on September 12, 2001 was like living Hollywood's depiction of the End. The normally bustling city was eerily quiet as if everyone had left in hurry. The World had shifted, and we who were still around were holding our collective … [Read more]

Campari Takes Over Appleton Jamaica Rums

Gruppo Campari, the maker of aperitif, announced this week that it had bought controlling interest in Lascelles deMercado, maker of Appleton Jamaica Rums, from CL Financial Ltd. Campari takes over CL Financial's 81.4% share and will buy the … [Read more]

Christopher Columbus Monument, Jamaica

When Christopher Columbus arrived in Jamaica on May 5, 1494, he anchored off the coast of the parish of St. Ann. He named the spot where he landed, Santa Gloria. There is some uncertainty about whether Santa Gloria is now St. Ann's Bay or … [Read more]