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Staying Hydrated During Your Next Flight

We rarely think about staying hydrated while we go about our daily routines but once we board a plane for a long flight, if we haven't been hydrating we could begin feeling uncomfortable, or worse, almost right away. That's because the air in the … [Read more]

James Bond and Jamaica Mark 50 Years

James Bond, the British super agent with a licence to kill, was introduced to the world, in 1962, in the now classic thriller, Dr. No. Bond, the brainchild of the British author, Ian Fleming, was 'born' in Jamaica. Fleming had visited Jamaica and … [Read more]

#TPThursday Bamboo Rafting in Jamaica

Traveling down a river on a bamboo raft is possibly one of the coolest experiences I can imagine. I have to imagine it as I arrived too late to make the trip. What I got instead was a mini demonstration of raft making and a lesson from a raft captain … [Read more]

5 Reasons to Get Out of Negril and explore Westmoreland

Negril’s legendary 7-mile white sand beach and its laid-back attitude draw thousands of visitors annually. Most are content with relaxing on the beach that straddles two parishes, Westmoreland and Hanover, but there are several reasons to get out and … [Read more]