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Fast Facts About Canada

Canada was a great place to live in the 70s -- it still is. And though there's been a lot of talk in the US about Canada's health care system, it's only a small part of what Canada is. Here are some fast facts about Canada: Canada was … [Read more]

Happy Canada Day!

Today is Canada Day, the day of Canada's birth and for the first time in many years, I'm here on July 1st and plan to celebrate. No, I'm not Canadian but I feel a special affinity for Canada as it is here that I came of age. It is in Canada that I … [Read more]

Staying Hydrated During Your Next Flight

We rarely think about staying hydrated while we go about our daily routines but once we board a plane for a long flight, if we haven't been hydrating we could begin feeling uncomfortable, or worse, almost right away. That's because the air in the … [Read more]

James Bond and Jamaica Mark 50 Years

James Bond, the British super agent with a licence to kill, was introduced to the world, in 1962, in the now classic thriller, Dr. No. Bond, the brainchild of the British author, Ian Fleming, was 'born' in Jamaica. Fleming had visited Jamaica and … [Read more]