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Soulful Sundays: The Buena Vista Social Club

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In the summer of 1999 or 2000, my friend, Cathi, invited me to see a documentary film she said she knew I’d love. I had never heard about the Buena Vista Social Club before we got to the theater but I wasn’t disappointed.

From the opening scenes, I was transported to Havana. And the music struck a chord in my soul. I was so moved, I watched the documentary with tears close to the surface. On my way home, I bought a copy of the CD and for many months after, it was the only music I listened to. Each time, I created stories in my head based on the feelings the music evoked.

So, for today’s Soulful Sunday, my pick is the Buena Vista Social Club. Each track is a winner so it was hard to select just one. But take a listen to the opening track, 01 Chan Chan.

As a bonus, below is a video of the late Ibrahim Ferrer singing the heart stirring, Dos Gardenias Para Ti. Check it out.


Hope you enjoy The Buena Vista Social Club as much as I still do.

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  1. This music is sweet! Good pick, Marcia.

  2. InsideJourneys says:

    Thanks, Mozes. I’ll be playing it all day (again) today.