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The Best of Travel 2012

I spent most of 2012 traveling around Jamaica and did a two-part review a few weeks ago but it’s great pull out the photos again and reminisce. Thanks to Michael  at Strux Travel, for helping me see my year in a whole new light. Here then is my Best of Travel 2012.

Best Domestic Travel Destination 2012

Blue Mountain travel

Blue Mountain

Hiking isn’t the first activity I’d pick to do on vacation but Jamaica’s Blue Mountains have always fascinated me. Last year, I decided to try to catch the spectacular sunrise I’d seen on a travel show several years ago. My guide and I left at 2:00 a.m. on a freezing cold Friday so that we’d be at the peak by daybreak. Unfortunately, sunrise caught us a few hours from the summit. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement so I’ve made a promise to myself to return.

Best International Destination 2012

Travel to Toronto

Shrimp and vegetable

My best trips are the ones where I connect with friends or family, or make new friends. In 2012, I returned to Toronto for the first time in nearly 5 years. Toronto was a second home for me during my years at university in Ottawa — it was where I’d go when I needed to escape. I still have close friends and family there so when I heard my godson was graduating high school, I knew I had to attend. I also knew I’d see my friends from school and we’d do what we always do when we get together: cook, eat, drink and talk about life at university. One of my friends is an amateur chef who used to cook us these fabulous meals when we were at school. We still depend on him to deliver.

Travel to Toronto

Variety of food, toronto

Best local Destination 2o12

Mobay beach

Mobay beach

Montego Bay has several spectacular beaches but this one near the world famous Doctors’ Cave, is free. It’s also the one I go to for a walk or a swim and where I take friends.

Worst Travel Experience 2012

Thankfully, I had no bad travel experiences last year.

Best Overall Travel Experience 2012

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kingston

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Kingston

I had several wonderful travel experiences last year but my visit to Kingston’s Holy Trinity Cathedral was the best overall. I arrived at the cathedral just after lunch only to find the doors locked. Disappointed, I walked around the historic church taking photos of the outside, biding my time, hoping someone would show. After about 10 minutes — I had asked the taxi to wait – I decided to leave. Just as I got into the cab, I heard someone say hello. It was one of the church volunteers who graciously offered to give me a tour. I’d expected the interior to be impressive but seeing it up close left me almost speechless.

Best Travel Lesson 2012

I’d have to say that my best travel lesson for 2012 and beyond is to always remain open, curious and ready for anything. Travel is more fun when we surrender to the experiences that come our way.

Thanks Michael! Wish you the best of travel for 2013.


This is my submission to Travel Photo Thursdayfollow, which is organized by Nancie at Budget Travelers Sandbox. Be sure to head over and check out more photos from locations around the world.

This week, I’m also linking up with the Friday Daydreamingfollow series organized by Becca at Rwethereyetmom. Hope to see you there!



  1. Soaking up lotsa sun, sights and good food. So, what’s in store for 2013?
    totsymae1011 recently posted..Ways to Increase Your Income in a Tight EconomyMy Profile

  2. More travel around Jamaica and a trip to Canada.

  3. That’s a nice way to organise some of your memories of the year.

    All that tucker is making me feel hungry.
    Hakea recently posted..only in the presentMy Profile

  4. Thanks, Narelle!
    Sorry, didn’t mean to make you feel hungry.

  5. Your friend prepared those dishes in the photos? Nice friend to have – looks divine! I love how you summed up your Best Travel Lesson — perfectly said.
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted..King Ludwig II and Herrenchiemsee PalaceMy Profile

  6. It sounds like you had a really great year! Hopefully 2013 is even better. Thanks for participating, Marcia. 🙂
    Michael Figueiredo recently posted..Side Trip: The Getty VillaMy Profile

  7. I did, Michael. Thanks for doing including me.
    Looking forward to another great year of travel!

  8. Thanks, Cathy. Yes, he sure did! One of the reasons I love going to his place.

  9. Great round-up of your travels last year, Marcia! I loved learning more about Jamaica through your travels around the island. Wow, that food looks delicious! Wishing you more travels and adventures in 2013!
    Mary recently posted..Five Fun and Free Things to do in Santa Barbara with KidsMy Profile

  10. Never been to any of the places mentioned, so thank you for the inspiration. They sound great:)

  11. Sounds like a fabulous year, Marcia! All the best for your 2013 travels!!
    Lisa recently posted..Kindred Spirits – Our Home Away From Home on PEIMy Profile

  12. I love how the majority of your best travel experiences were all at home, in Jamaica!!! Most often you see international travel on most “best of” lists.

    Thanks for linking up today!
    Becca recently posted..Friday Daydreamin’: I’m Going Skiing!!My Profile

  13. Good to know you haven’t had any bad travel experience in 2012. Hope this year will even be better. Maybe I’ll see you in Asia? 😉
    Aleah | recently posted..Remembering the Unforgettable Beauty of SantoriniMy Profile

  14. Thanks, Aleah. My two travel buddies and I were supposed to go to Thailand last year but we dragged our feet and life took over but it’s still on our lists. Wish you a fantastic travel year as well!

  15. You’re welcome, Becca. That’s so true — it’s mostly international destinations but home’s also international, right?

  16. Thanks, Lisa. Looking forward to more fabulous travels this year.

  17. You’re welcome, Mette. Hope you get to visit one of these days.

  18. Thanks, Mary. It’s been my pleasure showing you around.
    It was and I ate a lot on that trip!

  19. Looks like a great 2012! I look forward to reading more about your travels in 2013 Wish I had a friend in college who could cook like that, I would have eaten a lot less ramen noodles haha. It looked delish!
    Happy 2013 traveling!

  20. Ah! Blue mountains, I remember the post vividly. Also I hope you catch the sunrise next time around. I would love to get a glimpse of that, here! Glad there were no bad experiences for you in twenty twelve, hope its the same this year. Have a good day Marcia 🙂
    Arti recently posted..A Slice of Ancient Japan: NaramachiMy Profile

  21. Wonderful… That Cathedral must be amazing,… Good for you and your travels. Here\’s to more in 2013. ;-)Eliz

  22. It is quite beautiful and has a fascinating history as well.
    Thanks, looking forward to more in 2013.

  23. Thanks, Arti. That’s the plan for the next time. I’ve only seen photos of the sunrise and it’s quite spectacular. I can’t wait to return!

  24. Hahaha, I agree, Sere. We were very lucky!
    Thanks and thanks for visiting. Wish you the same.

  25. Ahhh, I have only been to Jamaica once with my family (Negril) and am hoping I get to take my kids one day – have some extended family members from Jamaica.

    Love the photo of the beach and food (whoever your friend is – they don’t look that amateur) 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more about Jamaica!
    Cheryl recently posted..My Walt Disney World GoalMy Profile

  26. So when are you coming back for a visit, Cheryl? You must come see your extended family, if they’re still here.
    Yes, my friend’s a fantastic cook. He always loved it but I doubt he went to school.

  27. These are all wonderful places. Really perfect for the summer. Wish I could visit them all.
    Sarah Park recently posted..How to Be Contented with Your Current JobMy Profile

  28. Thanks, Sarah. Hope you will get to visit one of these days.

  29. The best places to spend your summer vacation..
    \Loved your article.
    Good Work.. keep Writing..

  30. Thanks, Chloe, and thanks for stopping by.

  31. Looks like I\’ll have to try and follow your footsteps here!

  32. Okay, I’ll watch out for you!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, Anthony.

  33. Jamaica is one of the place where I wanted to visit for a long time, but till date I haven’t got any chance to go over there…
    But, I am so very excited on the 2 reviews that you have provided on my fav place Jamaica..
    Would appreciate if you can write more details of Jamaica, or better if you can put some pics in various plcae then it would be very helpful.

  34. I think you’ve had interesting experiences in Jamaica.
    Vietnam Tourism recently posted..How to use the powder stick for each Vietnamese dishMy Profile

  35. Thanks you for saying that!

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  37. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Robert. Glad to hear that Jamaica is one of your favorite places. If you search my blog you’ll see that I’ve been writing about it for more than a year now. If there’s some place in particular that you’d like to know more about, please let me know. Thanks again!