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#TPThursday: At the Montego Bay Flower Show

As is to be expected, there was a wide variety of flowering plants at the Montego Bay Flower Show last weekend. There were several species of orchids, including Broughtonia Sanguinea that is indigenous to Jamaica, the ZZ Plant, cacti, anthurium, bird of paradise, crown of thorns, ginger lily, etc. But it was the hibiscus that had me pull out my camera. They were gorgeous!

See what I mean?



Double Yellow Hibiscus

Double Yellow Hibiscus


Peach Hibiscus

Red & Yellow Hibiscus

Red & Yellow Hibiscus

I did eventually wander over to the orchids.



I love orchids but they’re very finicky around me so when the flower seller told me the Broughtonia didn’t have to be treated with kid gloves, I felt I had found my orchid match. Here’s the sweet little Broughtonia Sanguinea that I bought. They love indirect sunlight and do well hanging onto the trunks of trees.

Broughtonia Sanguinea

Broughtonia Sanguinea

If you love flowers and are going to be on Jamaica’s south coast this month, be sure to check out the Manchester Horticultural Society’s Flower Show, which will be  held in Mandeville on May 23rd (Labor Day here).

Later this month, from May 22-26, the Jamaica Horticultural Society is scheduled to participate in the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show in London. If you’re in London, hope you can check it out.

This is my submission to this week’s Budget Travelers Sandbox Travel Photo Thursday series. Be sure to check out other photo and story entries on their website.


  1. We also have lots of hibiscus in the Philippines. We call them gumamela. Those are wonderful colors though!
    Aleah | recently posted..Best of Travel Photos—My 7 Super ShotsMy Profile

  2. Jackie Smith

    I love these flowers. . .any flowers, but especially tropical flowers. The hybiscus just captures the imagination doesn’t it? Beautiful shots Marcia!
    Jackie Smith recently posted..TPThursday: Getting Stoned in Mascota, MexicoMy Profile

  3. Joelaindien says:

    very interresting, and fine pictures !

  4. Lovely colorful flowers! Nice assortment here. I loved those yellow and red Hibiscus!
    Hope you are having a wonderful week:)
    Arti recently posted..Boat Ride along the River Yamuna in MathuraMy Profile

  5. Love the hibiscus flowers… 🙂
    ElizOF recently posted..Musings: Three Takes For The Night…My Profile

  6. I love flowers and gardening. A few years ago I was lucky enough to go to the Chelsea Garden show and had a fabulous time. I came away very inspired by what I’d seen.
    Good luck with the orchid. Neglect is often just what an orchid needs.
    Leigh recently posted..Greening Up Your Travels: What Makes a Hotel Green?My Profile

  7. Beautiful shots! Such great colors. 🙂
    Michael Figueiredo recently posted..Snapshot: Santorini, GreeceMy Profile

  8. Beautiful closeups, now if only you could keep them looking so good once I brought them home.
    Laurel recently posted..Marmore’s Falls: World’s Tallest Man Made WaterfallMy Profile

  9. I love hibiscus! Growing up in Southern California we had them everywhere but the winters are a little tough on them in the north part of the state. People have them but they require way too much work for someone, like me, who doesn’t have a green thumb 🙂
    Debbie Beardsley recently posted..Charming MittenwaldMy Profile

  10. I love hibiscus! Such a romantic flower! Great pics!
    Jessica recently posted..Getting it Right and Wrong at Dinosaur WorldMy Profile

  11. Such beautiful flowers and pictures. I love the red and yellow hibiscus which aren’t very common. Orchids are my favorites. Great choice on that one.
    Mary recently posted..Viewing Glaciers in AlaskaMy Profile

  12. Gorgeous – I think hibiscus are my favourite flowers! I love flower shows – we are going to the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa next weekend. The kids aren’t quite as excited as I am about seeing the tulips but fortunately there is lots of other things to do in Ottawa as well. 🙂
    Lisa recently posted..A Whirlwind Visit to Musée RodinMy Profile

  13. Sabrina

    The pink hibiscus is beautiful! By the way… love hibiskus tea 🙂
    Sabrina recently posted..Grocery Shopping in China: Street Carts and Grocery Stores in ChinaMy Profile

  14. Nice. We have a hibiscus in our yard and look forward to it blooming every summer. It is HUGE, as I’m sure these were.

  15. Stunning photos – I always love the color of floral pics!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Becca recently posted..Friday Daydreamin’: California Dreamin’My Profile

  16. beautiful flowers.I am so happy to see flowers:)
    Mhie recently posted..Ice Caves and Bandera Volcano in New Mexico: Family Roadside tripMy Profile

  17. Cathy Sweeney

    That’s one of the many things I remember about Jamaica — the gorgeous flowers! Lovely photos, Marcia.
    Cathy Sweeney recently posted..Culture Curious in ChicagoMy Profile

  18. Hi Mhie, they really cheer us up, don’t they? Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  19. Thanks, Becca. They’re beautiful.
    Hope you do, too!

  20. Yes, we do have some beautiful flowers.
    Thanks, Cathy!

  21. Oh, I’m sure you do look forward to it, Jenna. It’s such a beautiful flower.

  22. It’s definitely beautiful. Love hibiscus tea as well.

  23. I love the Tulip Festival. I used to look forward to it when I lived in Ottawa. Apart from their beauty, it was a sure sign that winter was over. Hope you have a lot of fun and take tons of photos.

  24. Thank you. Glad you like them, Mary. It was my first time seeing the red and yellow, it is beautiful.

  25. That’s the right word, Jessica. Glad you like them.

  26. You and me both, Debbie. That’s why I look for plants which don’t need much attention.

  27. Hahaha, me too, Laurel!

  28. Thanks, Michael. Yes, the colors are lovely.

  29. That must have been such a treat, Leigh! I wish my gardening skills were up to snuff.
    Thanks, will see how my luck holds on this one which I’ll have no problem neglecting.

  30. orchids are my favourite flower. Some beautiful examples here.
    Denise recently posted..Picture Perfect: Ode to the animals met along the wayMy Profile

  31. Yes, they are beautiful.

  32. Glad you like them, Arti.
    Had a great week, thanks. Wish you a great weekend.

  33. They sure do, Jackie. Glad you love them.

  34. I hadn’t heard that name before. I’ve heard flor de Jamaica and sorrel but not gumamela. Wonder how that name came about.

  35. Mine too, Denise. We have so many different types here, I’m still discovering new (to me) ones.

  36. My absolute favorite flower is the hibiscus! These are beautiful photos, and it sounds like a lovely flower show. 🙂
    Christy recently posted..Photo(s) of the Week: Bagnères-de-Luchon in the French PyrénéesMy Profile

  37. I didn’t realize how popular they were until I did this post. Yes, it was a lovely show, Christy.

  38. Andrew Graeme Gould

    Lovely series, Marcia!

  39. I love photographing flowers, too. Somehow, those photos never come out bad, regardless of weather or anything external factors. These are so bright and beautiful. Hibiscus is supposedly very healthy as well, chock full of vit C.
    Sophie recently posted..Things to do in Yerevan, ArmeniaMy Profile

  40. You’re so right, Sophie, it’s hard to take a bad photo flower. And they’re full of C, am sure that’s why they make tea from it. I’d forgotten that.

  41. Thanks, Andrew!

  42. These are gorgeous shots! I certainly don’t take enough shots of flowers myself. This is going to motivate me to change that 🙂
    Nomadic Samuel recently posted..Granada Quirky Travel StoryMy Profile

  43. Merci, Joel! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

  44. I love the red and yellow hibiscus. So unusual. Before we started travelling I never realised just how many countries they grew in, nor how many colours and sizes. We’re in Sri Lanka at the moment and there are some beautiful ones here but I think the ones you’ve taken photos of are more beautiful.
    Tracy recently posted..Photo Friday: Ella Gap, Sri LankaMy Profile

  45. Hibiscus is just beautiful! We have lot of it here and when I was in school I would pluck a hibiscus turn it upside down with its stamens hanging down and petals would look like a dress and then I would swirl it around as if it was a dancing doll! I loved doing it!
    Naxysch recently posted..Flowers and Flowers!My Profile

  46. Hahahaha, that’s pretty cool, Naxysch. I thought you were going to tell me you put them in your hair. I remember when I was younger there was a woman who always wore a red hibiscus in her hair. She always looked so attractive.

  47. Thanks, Tracy, glad you think so. The red and yellow ones are unusual.
    Isn’t it wonderful how democratic the hibiscus is? From California to Pakistan to the Philippines to Sri Lanka. Beautiful!

  48. Oh, I’m so glad to hear that, Samuel. I love taking flower shots, they’re such easy subjects, plus they make me smile.

  49. Oh wow hibiscus in the hai? Pretty good idea! Must try it some time! 😛
    Naxysch recently posted..Flowers and Flowers!My Profile

  50. Yes, in her hair. You should try it — a nice red one.