On December 29th, Jamaicans Elected a New Prime Minister

Yesterday, December 29th, Jamaicans went to the polls to elect a new prime minister. Former PM and Leader of the Opposition, Portia Simpson-Miller and the People’s National Party won handily – 41 seats to 22.

Jamaica's new PM designate, Portia Simpson Miller, photo via the Internet
Jamaica's new PM designate, Portia Simpson Miller, photo via the Internet

Only time will tell if the PNP will be any different than the outgoing Jamaica Labor Party (JLP). No better herring, no better barrel, is the Jamaican expression that comes to mind. There have been allegations of corruption on both sides. It’s an open secret who’s involved in what, who’s doing what illegal thing. No one’s clean. I hope and pray the new administration will try to put the country first or at least above party or their own personal agendas.

What I hope the new government will do:

  • Continue to bring crime down – business will not thrive in an environment where crime and corruption are common and where ordinary people have no faith in the justice system.
  • Fix the roads – most of the roads, especially those just beyond the “tourist areas” are in deplorable condition. They need to be fixed.
  • Fix the tax system – the only way to get rid of the 17.5% GCT is for the administration to be able to collect income taxes from all working  Jamaicans, and corporations that do business here. A fair and equitable tax system is needed.
  • Fix the educational system – an educated population is one of the lynchpins of development. People must be able not just to read, but to think critically, reason and analyze.
  • Create an environment where business can thrive, one which will be attractive to businesses that want to invest.
  • Be open and transparent. No scandals – financial or other.

This list is by no means comprehensive…..


6 comments on “On December 29th, Jamaicans Elected a New Prime Minister

  1. What happened to that young fella you posted about a few months ago? I thought he was just elected to be prime minister?

    Sounds like there is quite a way to go. Where’s that indomitable spirit that Jamaicans have been known for?

  2. From the smallest to the largest of countries, people who are most corrupt manage to gain positions of importance and care so little about the people who put them there. There are no lesser of the evils now. Utter greed has done away with that even. Perhaps an uprising is order?

  3. He took over the position after the previous PM stepped down with about a year to go. He could have waited until next year to seek his own mandate but decided — or was pushed to by the current economic situation — to go to the polls sooner.
    Yes, there’s lots to do. We’re in a bind on all fronts so time will tell.

  4. Do I hear the voices of discontent… or is it wistfulness? So, Portia and the old guard are back in charge… Any hope for those wonderful ideas you suggested being implemented? Hope the new government will follow up and make much needed changes. The future progress of the nation depends on it. The western media hardly mentioned the results… God bless Jamaica! 😉

  5. Thanks, Elizabeth. Probably a bit of both. We’re all holding our collective breaths, waiting to see what direction they’ll take the country, especially with the massive debt that we’re still carrying. I’m really hoping and praying that we will see substantive change.

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