Travel Photo Thursday – Plaza Hotel


Plaza Hotel, New York
Plaza Hotel, New York
Plaza Hotel, New York
Plaza Hotel

Located on the east side of Grand Army Plaza at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street, the Plaza is a luxury hotel in New York City. After extensive renovations, the Plaza reopened in 2008 with 282 hotel rooms and 152 private condominium units. In 1986, it was designated a National Landmark building.

6 comments on “Travel Photo Thursday – Plaza Hotel

  1. Looks a bit like European design. My goodness, that other building looks so close. I wouldn’t wanna be in that one.

  2. Oh, so beautiful! I love the older and more classical buildings. I hope they never tear great masterpieces like this one down. One day in the near future, I’ll at least dine here – crossing my fingers.

  3. It is quite the elegant hotel isn’t it? I still would love to visit for afternoon tea some day. 🙂

  4. You should, Elizabeth. I’ve not been but you’re right, it’d be nice to visit.
    There are so many elegant buildings in NYC, we shouldn’t ignore them.

  5. Actually, that building is separated by a street. It doesn’t look like that in the photo though.
    I’m not sure what that style is, but it’s definitely European.

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