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Jamaican-Style Mango Chutney

Following Emancipation, the colonial authorities in Jamaica looked as far as China and India for workers to replace the formerly enslaved Africans. Between 1845 and 1917, nearly 40,000 Indians arrived in the island looking for a better life. More … [Read more]

Exploring Toronto’s PATH

My university had one – an extensive underground walkway that connected all the buildings on campus so there was little need to go outside on those bone-chilling cold days. We called ours the tunnel. On a recent trip to Toronto, I discovered a … [Read more]

Witch Finger Grapes, An Unusual Find

The best thing about travel is discovering something new, different or unusual. This past weekend in  a small fruit and vegetable shop in Toronto, I stumbled on something both new (to me) and different - witch finger grapes.  I hadn't … [Read more]

Nearness, Public Art in Times Square

Normally when I'm rushing through Times Square, it's the viewers - mostly from out-of-town - I have to watch out for. They gather in groups outside the ABC television studio window to watch the taping of the morning show, or wander around, camera at … [Read more]