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Coconut Drops

At the end of a birthday dinner a few weeks ago, the servers distributed small parcels containing coconut drops. Since we’d already had dessert, I decided to take mine home but having it in my hand, I couldn’t resist breaking off a piece and slipping … [Read more]

A Week of Live Music and Restaurant Meals

When it's as hot as it's been the past few weeks, restaurants meals and takeout replace home cooked. Usually, it's take out but last week, I ended up with several more restaurant meals than take out as we celebrated a promotion, friends visiting and … [Read more]

Stewart Castle, Off the Main in Trelawny Jamaica

A year or so ago, Dr. Ivor Connolley of Falmouth Heritage Renewal asked me to join them for a site visit to Stewart Castle. I was unable to go but I was curious and intrigued. A castle - in Jamaica? Where was this Stewart Castle and why hadn’t I … [Read more]

Rum Punch

The rum punch flowed freely at two events I attended last week. And as I sipped my third glass at the most recent – a birthday party for a long time family friend - I got to wondering about the history of this popular concoction. According to … [Read more]