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Seeing Jamaica on Television

Jamaica had a fantastic few weeks on American television when two reality shows, The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Bachelor, filmed some of their episodes there. Although neither show appeals to me, I swallowed my distaste and allowed the storyline to take a backseat to the view unfolding on my television screen. I ended up catching more of The Bachelor than of the Housewives. Here are some of the places they featured (not in oder):

YS Falls, St. Elizabeth

The show centers around a young man who’s trying to find a marriage bride. In the episodes that were filmed in Jamaica, the prospective groom travels with one of the two female finalists to YS Falls. Located on a 2,00-acre spread in southwestern Jamaica, YS Estate and Falls is a former sugarcane and logwood tree (a natural dye) farm and privately owned stud farm. YS has its own waterfall – seven, to be exact – that reach to 120 meters with several natural pools.  

Seeing Jamaica

YS Falls

The area surrounding the falls is lush and green. Visitors can swim, do canopy rides or just relax. There are also activities for children.

YS Falls, Jamaica

YS Falls, Jamaica

#TPThursday: Falling for YS Falls

Falling for YS Falls

Good Hope Great House

I saw only a part of the episode that was shot at Good Hope Great House. When I tuned in, the couple was standing outside the house. Although the grounds are beautiful, I think the interior is even more stunning.

Good Hope Great House

Good Hope Great House

A Photo Review of 2013

Good Hope

Counting House, Good Hope Great House

The Counting House

The Blue Lagoon

When they showed the couple at the Blue Lagoon, also called the Blue Hole, the popular local destination was unusually devoid of people but still recognizable. Located between the parishes of St. Ann and St. Mary, the Blue Lagoon, was not quite ready for international visitors when I visited a few years ago. It’s possible that the show could have rented it for filming. 

Blue Lagoon

It was great to see the Blue Lagoon on television. I was a little sad though as it’s one of those places that, given the choice, I’d keep for local use.

Blue Lagoon,

Do you ever go out of your way to watch a show that featured your country?

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  1. Not my own country, but I will watch shows because they are filmed in a Country that I love. I’ve watched cooking shows in Turkey and Vietnam for instance, as much for the views of the country and people as for the cooking.

  2. The blue lagoon looks magical, agree with you such treasures should remain for local use.
    Rachel recently posted..The Sweetwaters Chimpanzee SanctuaryMy Profile

  3. I haven’t watched either of these shows so didn’t see Jamaica featured on TV. I hope that Blue Hole doesn’t become too popular with the tourists as that would be a pity. Is Good Hope House a museum or a place where a traveler can stay? I’d love a bed like that. BBC/PBS Masterpiece filmed a TV series in Penang where it stood in for the Indian town of Simla. I love watching it because I am familiar with many of the locations. One thing that my husband and I laugh over is that the place where our old Boy Scout troop used to camp had to be spruced up a bit in order to serve as the set for an early 20th century Indian orphanage. I guess the production crew thought the original condition was too run down.
    Michele {Malaysian Meanders} recently posted..12 Things to do at Yellowstone that aren’t Old FaithfulMy Profile

  4. I like to watch House Hunters when it’s about Panama, because we used to live there.
    Linda Bibb recently posted..Cartagena Icons That Are Not from CartagenaMy Profile

  5. It’s quite fun to see familiar places on television. For some reason it makes them even more spectacular, although those waterfalls and lagoon lakes would look pretty perfect even without the media attention.

  6. Hi Michele, were you watching Indian Summers? I liked that series, didn’t realize it was filmed in Malaysia.

  7. The blue lagoon looks magical, agree with you such treasures should remain for local use.
    very nicee 🙂