60 Minutes to Live?

So after I scream and pick my jaw from off the ground, I’d put on my best outfit and gather all my loved ones together for a blowout beach party. No tears, no recriminations, no sadness – just pure, unadulterated fun.

There’d be lots of seafood and fish  –  steamed or fried crispy dry or escoveitched; lobster – jerked or curried; lots of beer and tropical drinks and all of my favorite dance music – from reggae to soca to Latin to R&B to African. I’d even line dance to the Electric Slide!

Actually, I’d dance for the whole sixty minutes. I never sit when there’s fabulous music playing, even if I have to dance by myself. That’s how I’d spend my last hour!

Sixty Minutes of Dance

How would you spend your last hour?

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2 comments on “60 Minutes to Live?

  1. Sounds like a blast! A quick question, and you’ll have to excuse my ignorance, but what does escoveitched mean?

  2. Sorry, Tony, escoveitch is a particular way of cooking. It’s usually done with fish. The fish is fried then put in a sauce of vinegar, onions, pimento beans and Scotch Bonnet peppers (one of the hottest peppers in the world).

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