A Sunday Drive Through the English Countryside

When I was growing up, we’d go for long drives on Sunday afternoons. Each Sunday was a new adventure that most times involved ice cream. I still have fond memories of those times.

Though the scenery was different, our Sunday drive through the English countryside it took me back to that time.

Rapeseed field seen on a drive thru the countryside

Instead of the fields of sugar cane that I would have seen in the part of Jamaica I lived, I saw fields of rapeseed. At first, I thought rapeseed were flowers. They’re not, though.

Rapeseed field seen on a Sunday drive
Rapeseed field

Rapeseed is used to make vegetable oil and in 2000, according to Wikipedia, it was the third largest source of vegetable oil in the world.

It’s hard to ignore field after field of yellow rapeseed. They capture the imagination even from a distance.

Rapeseed field on a Sunday drive
Rapeseed field

I felt in love with thatched houses when I saw them in Southern Africa and was surprised to see them in England. Apparently, there are more thatched cottages in the UK than the rest of of Europe. I wished I could have taken a photo of each one. I tried.

Thatched cottage seen on a Sunday drive
Thatched cottage
Thatched cottage seen on a Sunday drive
Thatched cottage
Thatched cottage seen on a Sunday drive
Thatched cottage, side view

You know you’re in the country when you see pig sties.

Pig sties seen on a Sunday drive
Pig sties like none I’d ever seen

It was difficult, at first, to imagine what these semi-circles that seemed as if they were planted in the ground were for. But as we got closer, I noticed a few pigs. These aren’t any pig sties I’m used to seeing.

It’s anyone’s guess what’s planted in that field in the back.

All too soon, the drive came to an end. But it left me quite refreshed and energized and gave me new Sunday afternoon drive memories.

How do you like to spend your Sunday afternoons?

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6 comments on “A Sunday Drive Through the English Countryside

  1. That brings back memories! When we were kids, my uncle used to take us all out for a drive on a sunday, which invariably involved stopping for an ice cream en route!
    The Saw Doctors do a great song about driving round the countryside. I’ll try and hunt it down on youtube and include it on one of my posts.

  2. I’m glad it did for you too, Tony. I still love leaving the city and seeing fields of fruits or flowers. Very therapeutic.
    Can’t wait to hear the Saw Doctors’ song.

  3. I have memories of those outings/drives too and I still enjoy a jaunt to the countryside today… some habits never grow old or tired. 🙂

  4. I agree, Elizabeth. It’s the “little” things, the things we do that don’t necessarily cost a lot of money that leave lasting impressions.

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