Above a Cloudy Canopy

Whenever I travel, I always opt for the window seat so I can enjoy the scenery.  But for most of this flight over the U.S., thick clouds prevented me from seeing the terrain below.

Clouds and sun

So I decided to look at them instead of reading or snoozing.

Break in the clouds

Each time I looked, the pattern and thickness had changed.

Soft clouds
Cloudy canopy

Finally, it covered the land below.  And I remembered the line, I really don’t know clouds at all, from Joni Mitchell‘s song, Both Sides Now.

6 comments on “Above a Cloudy Canopy

  1. I always think it’s interesting how on cloudless days, I always end up above the clouds in a plane, when there was never really any to begin with.

  2. Mozes, you’re back!
    How are you?

    Yes, it is, isn’t it? After that experience, I now look forward to seeing clouds when I’m in a plane.

  3. Nice, those clouds. Sometimes it’s just fun to dream, even when there isn’t that much to see out of the window.

  4. Thanks, Judith. Yes, dreaming is something I love to do as well.
    Thanks for dropping by.

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