The Animals That Caught My Eye

I’d be the first to say that I’m not an animal lover so I was mildly surprised at the number of photos of animals I’ve taken during the last year. Here are a few:

The Cat at Croydon

A friend who was a cat owner used to say that cats were humans in an earlier life. That’s why they act so superior.

The cat at Croydon

As we sat listening to the Croydon Plantation tour guide talk about coffee growing and processing, this little cat jumped on the bench in front of me. I snapped this photo just before it walked away.

Jamaica Red Poll, YS Falls

It’s common, especially in the rural areas, to see cattle in pastures or even on or near country roads. YS Falls in St. Elizabeth, is not just a stud farm, it also has several heads of Jamaica Red Poll cattle. The Jamaica Red Poll was developed from Red Poll cattle that was imported from Britain in the 19th century to improve the local breed. I love their distinctive rich reddish-brown color.

Jamaica Red Poll Cow, YS Falls
Jamaica Red Poll Cow, YS Falls

I wish I had longer lens, but I couldn’t resist taking a photo with the egrets waiting nearby to catch dinner – small insects that the cow distributes.

Yard Fowls in Portland

There was a time when just about every Jamaican household had chickens, hens and at least one rooster running around. My family was like any in Jamaica – we also kept chickens and about once a month, we’d have one for Sunday dinner.

Cock, Boston Bay
Rooster, Boston Bay

Now it seems everyone buys chicken from the supermarket, or they’re raising day-old chickens that they feed round the clock. They’re ready to eat six weeks later. I prefer the yard fowl.

Black and white hen
Black and white hen
Brown Hen, Boston Bay
Brown Hen, Boston Bay

A Peacock at Appleton

As if on cue, it began drizzling just as we started the Rum Tour at Appleton Estate. I put away my camera and took the umbrella the tour guide gave me. Just then, I noticed a peacock several yards away. I wanted a photo but didn’t want it badly enough to get my camera wet. But when the peacock turned and began walking towards us, my friend held the umbrella. I was ready just as it sauntered by me.

Peacock at Appleton Estate
Peacock at Appleton Estate

Clydesdales in Falmouth

These Clydesdales in Falmouth moved so quickly, I hardly had time to get a second shot.

The Animals that Caught My eye
Clydesdales, Falmouth


Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way. – John Muir

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18 comments on “The Animals That Caught My Eye

  1. Ahh horses have to be my favourite, but I love your picture of the peacock! And Cats! Well. Yes, definitely humans in a former universe!

  2. My father keeps chicken – I too prefer the yard fowl , they are more tastier and resilient compared to the day old chicken. They do grow slowly and lay less eggs though.

  3. well that was a barn full Marcia…I love taking photos of domestic and wild animals also on my travels, especially when they just take over a site!

  4. There is an historic estate near my home that has peacocks that stroll throughout the grounds. I\’ve loved visiting just to see the peacocks, especially when they fan their feathers. They are beautiful.

  5. I’m in Costa Rica right now and so I am seeing some unusual things – coatamundis – like a raccoon with attitude, a giant iguana today and at least 30 manta rays flying out of the water. Off to another National Park tomorrow so you knows what we’ll see there.
    I think chickens & roosters make great subjects for photography.

  6. Hi Marcia, for someone who’s not an animal lover you certainly pay too much attention on animals. I’m fascinated with the Jamaican Red Polls. Never heard nor seen them before. A red cow much be quite a sight in person.

  7. I like this theme. You’re making me want to do an Animals post, too. I had no idea there were Clydesdales in Jamaica. I wonder if they get hot since they seem like a cool weather workhorse. I love how earth red that cow is.

  8. This was such an adorable post with all the animals. We like taking pictures of animals during our travels too. I think because my kids point it out. I always love seeing Clydesdale horses.

  9. That’s a good question, Michele. I think they might have adapted to the weather — maybe they now have thinner hair?
    Those cows are a rich shade of red, very beautiful.

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