Another Award

As you all know, blogging is a solitary thing. You write and read and hope others will appreciate your point of view and decided to follow you on your blogging journey.

It was a real treat to open my mailbox and see that I’ve received an award, not just any award, An Appreciated Follower Award from fellow blogger, Celia at Africa2Asia. Neat, huh? Well, I think so!

And now that I’ve gotten the award, I have a few things to do:

1. Thank the giver. (Thanks Celia!)

2. Pick 5 bloggers to pass the award on to. Let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3.  Copy and paste the award

4.  Have faith that my followers will spread the love to other bloggers.

5.  Have bloggy fun!

Without further ado and in no particular order, here are the 5 people I’ll bestow the Appreciated Follower Award to. These are talented, eloquent, thoughtful, interesting people whose blogs are worth a read.

Thanks again, Celia!

12 comments on “Another Award

  1. Thanks for nominating me, Marcia! Its so nice of you. And, as you probably know, I always appreciate your point of view about travel.

  2. Thank you again. I’ll be posting tomorrow and taking a peek at some of the other blogs you have listed.

  3. TY Marcia! I have no idea how I could have missed this generous gift… Much appreciated and accepted. 🙂

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