Capturing the Colors of Jamaica

Thanks to Cathy from Traveling with Sweeney, Marlys from EasyHiker and Renee of A View to a Thrill for tagging me for TravelSupermarket’s Capture the Color contest.

I can say this now, but I felt quite intimidated by this contest. None of the photos I wanted to share looked ‘right.’ It took me weeks to decide on these five. It was great going back through the photos and reliving the memories.


King’s House official residence of the governor-general, the Queen’s representative. The house was built originally around 1870 but was destroyed by earthquake. It was rebuilt and this old carriage entrance was retained.

Jamaica's Kings House
King’s House


Earlier this year, I took a guided hike up Jamaica’s Blue Mountain. I didn’t make it to the top like I wanted to and I haven’t been back like I promised. But the mountain’s there when I’m ready again. Narelle, who blogs as Hakea, told me the Blue Mountains in Australia, where she lives, got their name from the blue tint that comes from the eucalyptus trees that are found there. There are eucalyptus trees on Jamaica’s Blue Mountain though I’m not sure if that’s where the name was derived.

Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


I had friends visiting in February and we decided to visit Falmouth in Trelawny. When we were leaving, our driver suggested we check out Glistening Waters Lagoon. The red on this row of warehouses near the harbor drew me in.

Falmouth, Trelawny
Falmouth, Trelawny


This spot yielded lots of color — the red of the warehouses and the yellow on this boat. Oh, and the water? It was actually glistening.

Glistening Waters, Trelawny
Glistening Waters, Trelawny


Trident Castle, Portland
Trident Castle, Portland

Trident Castle is probably the most unexpected property in Jamaica. As you come up on it, you can’t help feeling as if you’ve suddenly been teleported to Europe. Trident Castle was built in 1979 as a private residence for a German baroness. It’s changed hands and is now owned by a wealthy Jamaican, Michael Lee Chin.

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36 comments on “Capturing the Colors of Jamaica

  1. You should marry the king so I can sit under that pathway to the palace. 🙂

  2. You’ve captured Jamaica brilliantly. These images would make me never wanna leave.

  3. Such refreshing photos. I can feel the cool breeze of Jamaica on my face just looking at the photos. My fave is the Red! Bravo!

  4. Love all of these photos, Marcia – they certainly “capture the colors”. The Blue Mountains pic is very cool. I remember your great post about that hike. Good luck in the competition.

  5. I think you did a fantastic job in color selections! It was hard, wasn’t it? That is a good exercise to put us through regardless of the contest isn’t it. A theme or something to really make us think about the images we are selecting. . .

  6. Yours hours of stewing over your choices apparently paid off. These are lovely and certainly illustrate the colors. That Trident castle is an amazing building.

  7. Really like this concept! The photo choices are great too! Were you at glistening Waters in the evening .. I hear that would be quite a sight! Sadly I missed both opportunities I’ve had to see for myself 🙁

  8. I have not been back to Jamaica since I was a teenager, and it is definitely on my wife’s list of places to go. These pictures bring back some great memories.

  9. This exercise is a great way to go through and pitch all the crappy photos and relive the memories with the good ones.
    That Trident Castle is something else! Interesting info on the blue haze. Your photo certainly has that and it does make you wonder about the effect of eucalyptus trees.

  10. The colour series is a great idea, and these are all beautiful. My favourite is Red for the composition.

  11. Super pictures. I think red is my favorite, even though it’s probably got the least of the dictated color in it. The red boat out front really draws my eye to it as well.

  12. Beautiful collection, Marcia! Great job with selecting the pictures. I’ve always loved your shot of Trident Castle so that has to be my favorite. Good luck with the contest!

  13. Hahaha, and there so many crappy ones! Trident Castle is an amazing place, I love looking at the photo, it just makes me dream.
    I have to find out how our Blue Mountain got its name, it certainly could be because of the eucalyptus.

  14. It’s hard, Totsy. Right now, I’m sitting in a beautiful villa by the sea, a lovely breeze, likely from Isaac, keeping me cool.
    Hope you make it here one day.

  15. You’re pictures always make me relax and feel peaceful! Really liked your red picture. I’m really enjoying this contest because we get to see beautiful pictures and travel the world through them!

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