Cheeseberries and Wild Raspberries

I’ve been curious about cheeseberries since I saw them last summer at Holywell Recreational Park in Jamaica’s Blue and John Crow Mountains.

Cheeseberries look like orange raspberries and are about the same size but they are sweet, a bit like tangerine. They thrive in higher elevations so you’ll find them growing wild in the Blue Mountain area. As far as I’ve been able to find out, that’s where they’re mostly found.


Cheeseberries, as well as wild raspberries, are popular snacks with hikers who climb the Blue Mountains or hike any of the trails.

Wild raspberries
Wild raspberries

Cheeseberries and wild raspberries are not native to Jamaica. Interestingly, cheeseberries are listed as one of the world’s worst invasive alien species.

Wild raspberries plant
Wild raspberry plant

Would you try fruits that grow wild?

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16 comments on “Cheeseberries and Wild Raspberries

  1. Raspberries are one of my favorites. I’ve never heard of cheeseberries, and would love to try them. I will eat berries in the wild if I know what they are. If I don’t recognize the berry, I’d leave it alone. My luck, if I tried something, it would end up being poisonous! πŸ™‚

  2. Interesting, I remember raspberries from my childhood, back then I lived in an area surrounded by greenery and nature and would constantly come across wild raspberries.

  3. I’ve never heard of cheeseberries but they look beautiful. I’d definitely try them if I saw them growing wild. Around where I live we can snack on blackberries in late summer, early autumn when hiking in the hills.

  4. You always introduce me to the most amazing food on Tuesdays. Another interesting tale, Marcia. (I am linking up but we fly out this afternoon on our three-day travel marathon to get to Greece so I will apologize in advance for being tardy if not absent from commenting and reading other links. Hope everyone understands.)

  5. Cheeseberries sound like blackberries – highly invasive but oh so delicious. When we lived in Vancouver I would walk out my door and pick fresh wild blackberries for about 6 weeks in the summer; I made jam, pies, cobblers but I also fought them and pulled them out like crazy too.

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