Losing a Favorite Luggage Tag Prompts a Christmas Travel Gift List

Recently, I arrived at my destination minus my luggage tag. I know, in the scheme of things, losing a luggage tag shouldn’t be a big problem. But this tag was special. It was a promotional tag from Air Jamaica, which, as you might know, now flies under the Caribbean Airline umbrella. The tag had the Air Jamaica logo, a stylized image of the doctor bird, the island’s national bird, and was made of sturdy plastic.

Air Jamaica logo
Air Jamaica logo

Of the two I received initially — I don’t remember now how I got them — only one remained. Now, that one’s gone.

Could a baggage handler or someone else have appropriated my tag or did it break off during the flight? It’s hard to say. Whatever the case, I miss my luggage tag, precisely because I’ll probably never have another one like it.

But it got me thinking about the type of tag I’d like to replace it. Once I started thinking about that, I thought of other items that would make perfect Christmas gifts for people who love to travel.

Here’s the list I came up with.

  • Luggage Tags – these can come in different types of materials: plastic, leather, etc., and several eye catching designs.
  • Universal Adaptor – handy for travel to destinations that use a different electrical voltage than what you use at home.
  • Passport Cover – use one to protect your passport and keep your travel documents in one place.
  • Travel Pillow – especially great on long flights, on bus trips or anytime you wish to take a nap while traveling.
  • Sleep Mask – if lights distract you when you sleep, you need a sleep mask.
  • Travel Blanket – with airlines charging for pillows and blankets, it’s a good idea to bring your own.
  • Weekend Bag – a must-have for any traveler. I’m using mine this weekend.
  • TSA Approved Luggage Locks – it goes without saying that a TSA approved lock is best. A few months ago, the TSA searched my luggage after I had handed it over for loading on the plane (they left a card in my suitcase telling me they had searched it). With a TSA approved lock, they were able to get in without having to destroy my lock.
  • TSA Approved Quick Check Laptop Bag – this bag makes it easy to screen your laptop.
  • Travel Scale – great for those of us who are chronic over packers.
What gift would you give the traveler in your life this Christmas? What travel gift would you like to receive?

4 comments on “Losing a Favorite Luggage Tag Prompts a Christmas Travel Gift List

  1. Girl, that tag is a collectible… I suggest you remove the remaining one and save it… Pity that someone felt it was theirs to take… BTW, got your call and will follow up. Looking forward to connecting with you. 🙂

  2. Didn’t even know TSA had approved products for sale. That sure does make travel a little more convenient when going through security.

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