Frankfurt’s Quick-trip Treasures

Considering the wealth of attractions on offer, it’s surprisingly easy to grab a taste of Frankfurt in just a few short days. Atmospheric Old World architecture contrasts with a futuristic city skyline, and there are more museums than you could see in months. Lively DJ bars sit atop city-centre car parks in summer, and you might enjoy a taste of the same famous local apple wine that won over Emperor Charlemagne himself.

Frankfurt Houses by Konstantin Koll
Frankfurt Houses, photo by Konstantin Koll, from Flickr

Even if you’ve simply grabbed some cheap flights to Frankfurt and only have a weekend, go ahead and put the German hub on your itinerary. Here’s a quick look at some key attractions that are worth whizzing round on your visit.

Museums Galore

Among Frankfurt’s cultural offerings, its museums are a highlight. The Museumsufer district houses over a dozen of the cities 20+ museums, with themes ranging from fine art to famous son Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, from German Film to Jewish history.

Once a year the museums go nuts with Museumsuferfest, which offers unlimited access to all museums during the festival weekend; and its adventurous counterpart Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of Museums) in April, when most museums are open – and loads of people are partying in them – until early morning the next day.

Frankfurt - Museum fur Moderne Kunst, Metro Centric
Museum fur Moderne Kunst

Wandering the City

You could explore Römerberg, Frankfurt’s old center, with its Alte Opera House and the picturesque fountains and cafes of the square. Or the Eiserner Steg (Iron bridge) with its great views of the skyline and river, before heading to Sachsenhausen for a beer in the district’s historic pub.

Then there’s the lesser-visited Bockenheim, Bornheim, and Nordend neighborhoods, where you can stroll amongst  the Modernist architecture and city parks, not to mention all the Gothic cathedrals and flea markets you’ll encounter.

The surrounding rural area hosts many treasures as well, from Stadtwald forest and Feldberg mountain to the opportunity for a scenic cruise on the River Rhine.  Frankfurt will not leave you wanting for sights to see. 

Finally, if you like exploring by bicycle and you’re visiting between April and December, look out for the red and white Call a Bike/Deutsche Bahn stations, where bikes are available to rent 24/7; Frankfurt is a very bike-friendly city and this makes for a convenient way to travel from sight to sight!



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8 comments on “Frankfurt’s Quick-trip Treasures

  1. I don’t know how many times I’ve been in Frankfurt but I never get past the airport. A night of museums sounds like great fun – along with about 6 cups of coffee so I wouldn’t fall asleep.

  2. Wow, I feel like I’m some sort of blog post Twilight Zone the past hour. Two posts (your’s included) on Germany and one on Tahiti. Both are my #1 and #2 all time bucket list destinations! I really liked that picture you put up of the Frankfurt Houses, Marcia. I love old architecture like that, that takes me back in time 🙂

  3. I never went to the museums when I was in Germany. I wasn’t close to Frankfurt though.

    And those buildings…Very Germanesque. They really build with quality. Nothing goes up that fast, like the U.S.

  4. I always like to spend holidays in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is a lovely place. The Night of Museum is also a wonderful. Amazing pic of Frankfurt Houses. I like it. Nice posting….

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