Getting Married in Jamaica

Approximately 5,000 couples get married in Jamaica each year making it one of the sought after locations for destination weddings.

With miles of white sand beaches, historic great houses, and beautiful gardens, it’s no surprise that the island has been voted among the most romantic wedding destinations, and counted among the Caribbean’s and world’s leading honeymoon destinations.

Riu Hotel, Negril
Getting married in Jamaica

Jamaica makes it simple for straight couples planning a destination wedding. There are no residency requirements, however, couples must have been on the island for 24 hours. No blood tests are required.

Couples who have been granted a marriage license by the Ministry of Justice can be married on any day of the week, however the nuptials must be performed by 6 p.m. (or by dusk) on any day of the week, and must have at least two witnesses, aged 18 or older, present.

If a couple hasn’t been on the island for the requisite period, getting married in Jamaica might still not be a problem as some marriage officials can apply for the marriage license on their behalf.

Getting married in Jamaica
Getting married in Jamaica

To get a license yourself, go to the Ministry of Justice, which is located at 2 Oxford Road in Kingston. Office hours are from 9 a.m – 4 p.m. on Mondays through Fridays, and until 3 p.m. on Fridays. You’ll need to have provide the following:

* Proof of citizenship – certified copy of birth certificate, which includes father’s name.

* If under 18 years, written consent from a parent.

* If divorced, you must present the original or a certified copy of your Certificate of Divorce.

* If you are a widow or widower, you must show a copy of your spouse’s Death Certificate.

* For original documents that are in a language other than English, certified translation of documents must be presented.

* Certified copies of name changes or legal adoption papers, if applicable.

* Photocopy of photo ID (Driver’s License or Passport).

* Job Titles of Bride and Groom.

Getting married in Jamaica is easy but only for straight couples. Jamaica, unfortunately, does not recognize same sex marriages.

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  1. Marcia, what an interesting post! I am currently writing a freelance article about destination weddings in the Pacific Northwest so I found it even more interesting than I probably would have otherwise. Also interesting about gay marriage. The State of Washington voters last week approved gay marriage in our state beginning Dec. 6th with a three-day waiting period as is required of all getting married here.

  2. Thanks, Jackie! I’ve had this post on the back burner since I took those photos last year. It wasn’t what I had in mind for today but had to run with it because it was almost done. Glad you found it interesting. Can’t wait to read your post.
    I heard about the vote. We’re nowhere close to approving gay marriage here.

  3. And there I was thinking I was going to be reading about you!! I wonder if it’s as easy in Vegas. I enjoyed reading this post and can’t get over how many people do tie the knot in Jamaica.

  4. The 24 hour requirement is interesting. All I can think of is that it’s meant to stop people dropping in en masse for quickie weddings at the airport and leaving the same day, but is that a real risk?

  5. Gorgeous place for a wedding. And very interesting article. Do the couples come from all over the world – or mostly North America, perhaps?

  6. I thought you were announcing marriage plans too 🙂 I can totally see the appeal of all the couples getting married in Jamaica. It makes for a perfect honeymoon destination afterwards too. It’s great to hear that they make it relatively simple to get married there. Great guide, Marcia!

  7. Hahahaha, sorry bout that, Mary. I was with relatives who’re planning their destination wedding so it made me think of this post. Yes, couples can kill one bird with two stones — have their wedding and honeymoon in one.

  8. That could have been the thinking, though I’m not sure. It’s possible though, since, especially if you’re coming from NA, you could fly in and fly back out the same day.

  9. What a romantic setting for a wedding! I’ve only been to one beach wedding in Mexico, but it was beautiful. Getting married in a tropical location definitely lends a more laid-back, romantic vibe than a traditional wedding does.

  10. It\’s easy to see why people who want to get married in Jamaica… it provides such a beautiful setting. I guess the only problem would be getting the entire wedding party there. That could be costly!

  11. Jamaica would be such a wonderful setting for a wedding, not just the honeymoon.Sounds easy enough! Maybe someday soon that will be the case for gay couples, too.

  12. Almost every time I’m at the airport, I see women with their wedding gown bags but I never thought that so many couples choose this as location for their wedding.

  13. Thanks, Arti. It is a beautiful location and it’s only a few hours from the US and Canada, which I’m sure is one of the main considerations when couples are thinking of a destination wedding.

  14. Great tips! I love the idea of a destination wedding, and the fact that Jamaica makes it so easy and straight forward makes this an ideal spot!

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