Havana’s Black Flags are Lowered. Will Travel Restrictions be Lifted Next?

Five years ago, on February 6, 2006, these black flags – 138 of them – each with a white star, were hoisted in Havana to commemorate the lives lost during the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and several other tragic events the Cuban Government has attributed to the United States.

Black Flag Monument

Was it a true commemoration or an attempt to block the illuminated crawling sign on the side of the U.S. diplomatic building where news and political messages are shown?

We’ll never know for sure.

But it doesn’t matter now, as according to a recent ABC news item, the flags have come down.

Maybe now, restrictions on U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba will be lifted. It’s about time. The U.S. is the only country whose citizens cannot travel freely to Cuba.

4 comments on “Havana’s Black Flags are Lowered. Will Travel Restrictions be Lifted Next?

  1. Yeah, I forgot about that, you have to fly out of the United States before you fly to Cuba. If they don’t lift the traveling restrictions soon, we’re at least one step closer to it.

  2. It’d be nice if they did. It’s been too long. And it’s the people who suffer – not the governments.
    “When the elephants fight, the grass is trampled” – African proverb which so aptly describes the situation.
    The US and Cuba has had a long, sometimes unpleasant history. But it’s time to bury the hatchet.
    I think I might have a postcard from Cuba that I can send to you. It’s MOB — I think that’s the right term.

  3. What a great way to put it, you’re absolutely right. This has gone on far too long.

    Haha, that it is the right term! When people want to send a MOB postcard, they send it in an envelope so it arrives almost brand new. You don’t have to do that, there’s a personal value that gets added when somebody you know puts a message on it, so I’d actually prefer you put a cool little experience or something from your time on it. I’ll keep it forever!

    Should I send you my address at insidejourneys@ymail.com?
    You should send me your address too, at ozias.sanchez@gmail.com, I can give you one from Colorado, where I’m from!

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