Holy Goat!

If you’ve been to Jamaica, one thing you’re sure to notice is goats, lots of them. Everywhere.

Goat sitting in the shade of a church
Sitting on a grave

Last year, while I was on a visit to St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Falmouth, I noticed this goat sitting calmly on one of the graves in the church yard.

I thought it would move as I got closer so that I could get a better shot but it didn’t. I figured the poor goat needed more time – to rest, maybe. It was a hot day and these headstones were on the shaded side of the church.

Jamaicans Love Curried Goat

One of our favorite meals here is curried goat. It’s on every menu in every Jamaican restaurant or cook shop at least once a week. No wedding celebration, birthday party, or gathering is complete without it yet with all the goats we have running around, we still import about 80% of the goat meat we consume. That’s a lot of imported meat.

I prefer the local to the imported goat. I also prefer to buy from the butcher, even better from the herder/owner because freshness counts. (The supermarkets put labels on so you know which one you’re buying.)

Anyway, after all that, it occurred to me that maybe the poor thing wasn’t resting. Maybe it was just being thankful that it didn’t end up as dinner.

Do you think the goat was giving thanks?


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5 comments on “Holy Goat!

  1. Thanks, Salika.
    Yes, we have a lot of goats – I think – here.
    They’re pretty skillful though and never seem to venture out into the roads like cows are known to do.

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