[Home = Jamaica] Where My Heart Is

Until I purchased my apartment several years ago, home, for me, meant the place where I grew up in Jamaica; the place I go to relax and recharge when life in the U.S. takes its toll, the place where my heart really is.

Then, it became “home, home” to differentiate it from my “home” – the place I owned.

When I go “home, home” I revert to the person I was when I lived there, except now, I’m the adult. I have the freedom to do whatever, go where ever.

So I explore. I explore the place and I explore the me I am when I’m there. The me that feels free – to engage, to push back, to confront, to love, to be passionate, to be playful. It’s the me that sometimes comes to the fore when I’m in the States but takes so much more energy to be.

And simple things, like drinking the juice or water of a freshly picked coconut, make me smile.

Getting the coconut
Getting it ready
You really have to know what you’re doing
It’s all in the wrist

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16 comments on “[Home = Jamaica] Where My Heart Is

  1. How long have you been in New York Marcia? And how often do you need to go back to recharge?

  2. That’s so true Marcia, even when you live in a parish other than the one in which you were born, when you go home, it’s so free, fresh and relaxing.

  3. Hi Marcia

    When I hit the “home” button on the top of your blog, this is where I am directed.

    It was nice to read this older post and compare where you are today – back home.

    I also read your stats – 16,000 hits per month – Wow.

  4. Thanks for letting me know, Narelle. I had some issues and had to change the theme. Still working out the kinks.
    I’m impressed — where did you see those stats?

  5. How nice that you can go home and feel like that, Marcia. I’d missed this page before, and just looking at it now, I actually thought it was the blog home page link. It made for a nice surprise, though! And by the way, the photos here remind me of drinking the juice straight from a coconut in the market in Tahiti, some years ago.

  6. I love coconut juice, especially from the freshly picked ones (though sometimes, they’re bitter …weird). But usually its refreshing and delicious. I also eat the meat inside once I’m done with the drink. The best snack I can think of, in my tropical home.

  7. Thanks, Andrew. It was the Home page but when I switched the theme, it didn’t resolve — I need to have it looked at.
    Glad my photos brought back some good memories, I hope.

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