I Wasn’t Sure I Could Do It

I must admit, I wasn’t sure I could do it – post everyday for a week, let alone a year but I was willing to try.

I like a challenge.

But I’d taken on challenges before….

I don’t think of the year. I think of a day at a time.

Sometimes, ideas come quickly and often, other times not so.

Sometimes, I bang out several hundred words in no time flat. At other times, a few hundred seem to take an eternity to emerge.

Used to being more comfortable behind the scenes, I’m learning how to bare myself to the scrutiny of others and not become paralyzed by my fear that they won’t like what I say, think I’m a fraud or worry when they don’t comment.

And they’ve been surprisingly (to me) generous, receptive and supportive.

Now posting everyday has become a habit I don’t want to break. (I’m writing this as I wait to see a movie.) Three months just flew by!

There’s no prize at the end of the year, just the sense of accomplishment I know I’ll have.

Thanks to my blog buddies and everyone else whose comments have encouraged and propelled me forward.

To the next milestone.

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2 comments on “I Wasn’t Sure I Could Do It

  1. Thanks, Marge! It’s hard to come out and show your wares to the world.
    I’ve worked with authors, actors and other creative people and have always admired their ability to go out, especially actors who do it every night, and bare their souls to the audience. I admire that strength.
    Thanks for always commenting. Marcia

  2. Whoo Hoo! Congratulations on being visible, sharing your thoughts, putting words to paper, making blogging friends, getting out of your comfort zone and allowing me to respond!! Way to go… Marge

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