I’ve Been Nominated for a Fistful of Blog Awards!

My blog buddy, Elizabeth at Mirth and Motivation nominated me for not just one but three blog awards. I’m stoked!

Elizabeth is a blogger I admire and respect. Each of her posts are thoughtful and thought provoking. For her to nominate me for a blog award is an honor.

So which blog awards did Elizabeth nominate me for?

Well, I received the Versatile Blogger Award, the Stylish Blogger Award and the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award.

Each award comes with a few responsibilities.

  1. Send a thank you and link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 10 Versatile/Irresistibly Sweet/Stylish bloggers.
  4. Contact each blogger that you’ve nominated and tell them about the blog award

Thank you, Elizabeth. You’ve made my day!

Seven things about me?

  1. I’d love to get a role (or be an extra) in the next Bond flick. I’ve seen every Bond movie, many times over but they never get stale. Sean Connery is my favorite Bond; Daniel Craig my second favorite and a worthy successor. All the others – Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan – were just placeholders for Craig, a man who can deliver a punch as effectively as he can receive one.
  2. I daydream of leaving my job and traveling around the world. An around-the-world trek would satisfy the nomad in me. But not just that, it’d allow me to meet people from all over, see and experience different cultures, try different foods.
  3. The only time I’ve bartended was at a wedding. I’d never bartended before but it was fun. The guests were very understanding when I told them it was my first time. (I made sure the drinks were nice and strong.)
  4. My favorite color is red. It’s the color I reach for most often but especially on dreary days. It makes me feel bold, daring, wild.
  5. Being near water soothes me. Whether it’s a lake or a pool or an ocean, there’s something about water that just soothes me.
  6. I used to be a teacher. I’ve taught Spanish to eleven- and twelve-year olds, Math and Reading to at-risk children, and principles of business to adults.
  7. I hate chocolate. It doesn’t matter if it’s white or black, I can smell it a mile away

In no particular order, the Versatile/Stylish/Irresistible Blog Awards go to…..

Drumroll, please!

  • Colorful Footsteps – Sherry’s planning a solo trip around the world which will hopefully take her to all seven continents.
  • Totsy – Totsy Mae’s a writer, reader, visual artist, graphic designer and a mom.
  • The Black Twig – Dahlia’s a bookworm, aspiring writer/traveler, sociology and international relations graduate and blogger
  • Imported Chocolate – Check out Jennifer’s travel vlog for helpful tips.
  • A View to a Thrill – Renee shows how to sample the world at a fraction of the cost.
  • WhosWorld – Roxanne’s a New Yorker who’s now teaching in China.
  • Bacon is Magic – Ayngelina left her job, boyfriend, apartment and friends to find inspiration in Latin America.
  • GypsyRoseLee – The Bond girl who never signed on.
  • To Write is to Write – Kathy is a former teacher, former librarian, former paralegal, and former pianist. Now, she’s an author and blogger.
  • Cultivated Style – William blogs about culture, style, music and has his sights set on working in the music industry

Thanks to all these bloggers who inspire me everyday, and again, to Elizabeth for nominating me for a blog award.



12 comments on “I’ve Been Nominated for a Fistful of Blog Awards!

  1. Congratulations to you Marcia… I can’t believe my little busy break meant missing three blog posts from my buddies. I’m glad you accepted all of them and I hope your nominees will be appreciative. Don’t forget to leave them blog comments with a reminder to collect the gift you sent them… 🙂

  2. Marcia, first of all, congratulations on your awards! They are well deserved! I cannot believe you hate chocolate! OMG, girl, that’s almost a sin! 🙂 Thank you so much for the beautiful blog awards! I’m honored and tickled pink to be the recipient of such an honor, lady! Muchas gracias! 🙂

  3. Marcia, I forgot to mention that I dream about traveling around the world, every day! And water soothes me too, sister! Isn’t it relaxing? It has a wonderfully therapeutic effect which lulls me to sleep! 🙂

  4. I’m living vicariously through a couple of bloggers who are traveling or live in other parts of the world until I can do same.
    Oh yes, water is my therapy.
    Thanks for the visit, Bella

  5. De nada, Bella.
    Thank you! I feel very honored to have been selected.
    You’re welcome – I couldn’t think of a more deserving blogger. Enjoy and pass them on,

  6. You’re welcome, Elizabeth. Thank you for nominating me. I’m truly touched and honored. I will follow up with the nominees and remind them to collect their gift.
    Thanks again,

  7. Awesome, Marcia! Thank you for this and I will definitely follow-up! This is cool idea and the other blogs are also awesome! I’m humbled 🙂

  8. You’re welcome, Dahlia! You deserve it.
    Now you’ll have to do the same and pass them on to other bloggers.
    Talk soon,

  9. I’m so honored that to have received a “Versatile/Stylish/Irresistible Blog Award.” And, I’m sorry I didn’t get this sooner, but I don’t often check the TBEX site. The seven items you revealed about yourself were fantastic! I think you’ll do a great Foxy in a 007 flick. Traveling around the world doesn’t require a whole lot of money up front (just ask any travel blogger whose been doing it for years), so its totally doable. And chocolates, who needs chocolates? Continue writing and continue being inspired.

  10. I’m glad, Sherry. You deserve them!
    I’ve already started trying to figure out how to be an extra. I love Daniel Craig – he’s soooo Bond!
    I’ve started to do a little research in the rtw trip — you inspired me. And I’m going to interview a few bloggers who’ve done it so I can get more info and inspiration.
    Thanks for the encouragement, Sherry.
    Talk soon,

  11. Congratulations to you and all the other lucky blog friends you selected. Enjoy! 🙂

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