Knutsford Express: Travelling Jamaica in Comfort and Style

An issue that’s cited often as an obstacle to Jamaica’s development is the lack of a comprehensive, reliable, affordable and safe transportation system – and good roads throughout the island.

This lack of an adequate system of transportation also prevents visitors, and residents, from getting around efficiently, and exploring off-the-beaten path locations unless they have a car, or can rent or hire one – usually at a cost that makes it prohibitive for the average person.

Enter the Knutsford Express. While the Knutsford doesn’t solve the island’s transportation problem, it is a welcome step.

Knutsford Express
Jamaica Gleaner photo

Launched in July 2006, the Knutsford Express skirts the coasts with daily departures from Kingston to Montego Bay and Negril with north coast stops in Ocho Rios and Falmouth. There are connecting buses for passengers who wish to continue to Negril.

Knutsford also provides once daily service between Kingston and Montego Bay with stops in the south coast towns of Santa Cruz, Mandeville, Savanna la Mar and Negril.

While there are mini buses that ply the Kingston-Negril route daily, they are typically overcrowded, uncomfortable and have no air conditioning. The Knutsford Express is, by far, the better option. It costs far more than the mini buses but at US$25 per person from Kingston to Negril, it’s good value. The company offers a discount for online and early purchase, senior, student, children and other fare options. The fare includes a complimentary bottle of water.

The company also offers cargo and courier services as well as private charters, and special excursions to music festivals and other events such as Reggae Sumfest, the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, and Rebel Salute. Unfortunately, the Knutsford does not operate in either of parish of Portland or St. Thomas.

Knutsford Express runs an efficient operation and have been on time on all of my trips.

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  1. This is so good to know! I remember taking a mini bus with Jave from Negril to Kingston, and the driver was driving so fast I thought we were going to die. Plus, people were sitting on makeshift seats, and you know most people don’t wear seat belts in Jamaica. So it’s definitely great to hear about this safer alternative. And the price seems very reasonable too!

  2. I am planning a trip to Jamaica soon. It isn’t a leisure trip but a business trip, so these travels tips of yours will come in really handy. I was worried because I had heard really horrible things about transportation there, but now I am a little less worried.

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