Lunch in Simon’s Town and Penguins at Boulders Beach

Thanks to Ian Reinders, our tour guide in Cape Town, we kept to our schedule, somewhat. Ian had our whole day laid out for us. Early start down the coast, lunch in Simon’s Town, see the penguins and head to Cape Point.

But you know about the best laid plans, right? When they coined that phrase, they had us – three women with very Jamaican sensibilities — in mind. I mean, we are on holiday, yah? So no need to rush, man!

And there was something to see around almost every bend. Ian was a good sport, though, he’d nudge, he’d cajole but there were three of us against one of him – no contest. It was hardest for him to get us away from vendors. Especially Judith, the shopper, who in true Libra fashion, would get so dazzled by everything she saw, could not make up her mind about anything.

We arrived in Simon’s Town just at the time we would have had lunch – if we had kept our original schedule. A quaint town, it reminded me of English seaside towns I’ve seen in pictures. The buildings look like those I used to see lining the square in small towns in Jamaica when I was growing up. (That one in the middle reminds me of the old Doric Theatre in my town.)

Simon’s Town, South Africa

A large open air craft market selling tchotchkes, wooden carvings, beads, etc., sits on the pier near the town. We spent a fair amount of time there visiting stall after stall haggling and buying a few things then headed for the restaurant.

Sitting on a bluff near Seaforth Beach, with windows providing unobstructed views of the ocean and the mountain, Seaforth Restaurant was an ideal spot for a pleasant meal. We sat at a sunny table near the window and watched adults and children play near the water’s edge while we waited for our order.

After a leisurely lunch of chicken curry, hake, prawns, potatoes and several drinks, we headed for Boulder Beach, a short walk away to see the African penguins.

The first sound I heard was loud braying coming from the area where the penguins were supposed to be. It was the jackass penguin. I had no idea there was even a jackass penguin – it sounded just like one.  Hard to believe that little thing could make such a big noise. Then one by one, we saw them. Some in little numbered enclosures just big enough to shelter them, others among the bushes and still more out in the open. Beautiful, right?

Happy Feet
Penguin apartments
Out for a stroll
Heading home

As we watched these pad towards land, someone spotted a whale. It was far out but we could see its tail as it turned in and out of the water.

We left the penguins and started walking towards Boulders Beach.

Boulder Beach
Poo bag anyone?

No need to guess how Boulders Beach got its name
Pretty huge boulders!

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  1. Yup, they really value the breeding process! It’s an interesting place. I’d go back in a heart beat!

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