New York City Before Hurricane Sandy

Last week, I waited anxiously for Hurricane Sandy to arrive here. Though western and central Jamaica were spared miraculously, when Sandy changed course, the eastern side bore the brunt of the damage and large parts of it are now disaster areas.

This week, I’ve been glued to the television, once again feeling powerless, switching from one channel to the next, looking in absolute disbelief at the images from my other home, New York City. Thankfully, so far, everyone I’ve been in touch with is fine. But my city isn’t.

Sandy has done for the east coast what Katrina did for New Orleans – put a bookmark at what was. But we all know it’ll take more than a hurricane to crush the spirit that is the wonderful city of New York. Without a doubt, a stronger city will emerge.

In the meantime, to replace the images I have in my head, I went in search of photos I have of my City before Hurricane Sandy paid her this unwelcomed visit.

Central Park
A beautiful summer day in Central Park
NYC from NJ
New York City seen from New Jersey
Times Square
Times Square
West Harlem Piers Park
West Harlem Piers Park
Harlem Church
Harlem Church

This is my submission to Travel Photo Thursday, which is organized by Nancie at Budget Travelers Sandbox. Be sure to head over and check out more photos from locations around the world.


8 comments on “New York City Before Hurricane Sandy

  1. New York has such spirit that it seems to me that these hardships just make it stronger. I do feel for the millions of people whose lives have been affected and wonder where the money will come to rebuild. But it will eventually.

  2. What a beautiful tribute to your City! I’ve been thinking of you since word of the storm started . . .thoughts go out to all those on east coasts everywhere Sandy struck. I also thought of you on our recent cruise as one of our favorite waiters (fan tail bar) was from Jamaica. I told him that he HAD to read your blog as he would love it. I gave him the website address and do hope he has done so.

  3. Thanks, Jackie. It really is difficult watching it after seeing what Sandy did here. The personal stories are coming out and it sounds even worse now.
    Thanks for doing that. Will let you know if he leaves a comment. How was the cruise?

  4. That’s the million dollar question, Leigh. They have to rebuild though, especially those shore areas that took such a beating. We’ve been talking about LI and the NJ shores but Queens and Staten Island also got hit hard.

  5. It is, Debbie. It’d be interesting to get a tally of all the destruction caused by this storm from here in the Caribbean up north. For a Category 1, it sure made a dent.

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