Can We Go to the North Pole?

For the last few days, Norad has been tracking Santa Claus as he makes his way from the North Pole. It’s pretty cool to watch the videos they’ve posted of the most recent location where St. Nick’s been spotted. Take a look at this video of Santa as he gets on the road.

So while I was watching Santa circumnavigating the world, I started thinking about the North Pole and I realized I didn’t know much about it. Where is it exactly? Can we go there? I decided to find out.

Where is the North Pole?

To begin with, there are two North Poles – the geographic (or True) North Pole, which is the northernmost part of the Earth, and the  Magnetic North Pole, which is where the magnetic field lines are oriented vertically and plunge into the surface of the Earth. Magnetic North varies annually based on changes in the Earth’s magnetic field and is located generally in the Arctic Ocean.

With two different places for him to locate his workshop, is it any wonder that only Norad can track Santa?

NOAA's Environmental Visualization Laboratory found the location of the 2011 North Pole. Photo from the Internet via
NOAA's Environmental Visualization Laboratory found the location of the 2011 North Pole. Photo from the Internet via

Can we travel to the North Pole?

So I go to Travelocity and put in my departure city and my destination as the North Pole. Right away, the destination defaulted to Oslo. We’re getting somewhere! But it doesn’t tell me how to go from Oslo to the North Pole.

A check of wikitravel found several companies that offer different packages to the North Pole, some are not as expensive as you’d imagine.

If you’re a runner looking for your next big adventure, consider entering the North Pole Marathon. (Just thinking about it makes me want to return to running.) Check out the 2010 video.

Lastly, from the Mail Online, I discovered that airlines operating in the South Pacific can now take a short-cut over the North Pole. It means shorter journeys, cheaper flights, less fuel, and lower emissions of carbon dioxide. So why didn’t they do this sooner?



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  1. Is that your next trip? Cheaper to go in summer? Good luck. Too cold there for me. I don’t think there are any coats that could keep me warm enough to go there.

  2. Strangely enough, this post never made it into my email box… I guess it got stuck in the North Pole. 😆

  3. Would love to hear of your journey. You’d be the only person I’d know to go. Does make me think about it a little to go. just to brag about it to other folk.

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