Random Images: London House

London City Hall
London House aka City Hall

Designed by Norman Foster, London House also known as London City Hall, was opened in 2002. Because of its unusual shape, it has been referred to by the former mayor as “The Glass Testicle” and as “The Glass Gonad” by the current mayor, Boris Johnson. It’s popularly called The Onion.

8 comments on “Random Images: London House

  1. Reminds me of a chintzy kiosk.

    Looks all wrong. Did they do that just because they could? I hope it looks better in its surroundings.

    Or maybe I just don’t think outside the square?

  2. Hahahaha, I’m sure it was the talk of the town when it was finished. Seems people just accept it now.
    No, it’s not you at all. I wondered what they were trying to accomplish as well.

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