6 comments on “Random Views of Harlem, 4

  1. I’m very intimidated by water and to see that much, even on the screen is overwhelming. I just saw The Titanic last weekend, if you can believe it. Not one for wanting to watch people drowning. I saw many fictional types as a kid. I wouldn’t want to live in Harlem, near all that water.

    Oh, heard on the radio this morning that Harlem is 45% black.

  2. That is a gorgeous view. I was still living in Harlem when they started working on the piers and then moved before it was completed. I haven’t had a chance to actually visit it thought I’ve driven by on my way into the city. Lovely. 🙂

  3. It’s been complete for a little while now. Not sure when ferry service will start. That’ll definitely make getting to midtown and NJ easier and quicker.
    I love going there and looking out at the water. Relaxing.

  4. Oh, I didn’t realize that. Wow, isn’t that amazing that you can’t even look at it on the screen?
    Unfortunately, Manhattan is an island — we forget that because it’s so developed. The only time you really realize it is when you go far east or west. So I can’t expect to welcome you to Harlem then? Oh no.
    45%? I didn’t realize it was so low.

  5. I think I could visit Harlem, if I didn’t see the water.

    Is 45% really low? From what I remember Bedstuy (?) and a couple of other cities have larger black populations.

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