Sandals Island Jamaica

It’s impossible to ignore this Sandals recreation resort, with its Asian-inspired design, bright red color and unique location on Sandals Island, a private off-shore island near Montego Bay. It is the only hotel in Jamaica that occupies its own island. How cool is that?

Sandals Island
Sandals Royal Caribbean

Guests get to the private island, which has all amenities, including restaurants, a private beach, pool, Jacuzzi and more  by hopping on one of these dragon boats, or by sea kayak or sailboat. Can you imagine the stories they tell when they return home?

Dragon Boat near Sandals Island
Dragon Boat

Sandals Resorts is the largest locally-owned hotel in Jamaica. It operates seven properties in Jamaica, and several more on the islands of Antigua, the Bahamas, Cuba, St. Lucia and Turks & Caicos. All Sandals resorts are couples only.

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28 comments on “Sandals Island Jamaica

  1. Wow, I learned 2 new things: had no idea this occupied its own island (too cool!), and also that it’s couples only! Great idea for a romantic getaway, sans the kiddie activities!

  2. Must be a fascinating place! Loved the bright red and the yellow colored boat. I find the second picture healing 🙂

  3. I know my son was thinking of as Sandals resort for a destination wedding. As it turns out that won’t be happening – Costa Rica instead – but it looks pretty darned inviting.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try out a Sandals resort but haven’t convinced dear hubby of it so far. Why does it have Asian architecture? That seems so out of place. But I suppose it’s no weirder than having a giant Princess castle be a big draw in Florida.

  5. I’m imagining a sailor lost in a storm, looking up and seeing that gorgeous red building. OMG! I thought I was in the Caribbean, but I’ve crossed the Pacific!

    Thanks for sharing two intriguing pictures.

  6. Hahaha, that’s true, Michele. I’m not sure why — maybe because it’s different.
    I’ve not stayed at any so I can’t recommend them but I guess they can’t be all bad.

  7. You probably saw the boat here? I used it in an earlier post.
    Asia in Jamaica shouldn’t be too surprising, I suppose. The Chinese came here more than 100 years ago.

  8. Ha! Ha! I had the same thought as Vera! Really, what an interesting theme – an Asian designed resort in Jamaica! I guess having 7 resorts in jamaica, Sandals tried to come up with themes that are very unique from each other. I’m sure it’s beautiful in this Asian themed resort. But if I’m in Jamaica I want my surrounding to make me feel the beat and spirit of Jamaica. So I might skip this resort and go to one that has an authentic Jamaican feel.
    Love the colorful photos, BTW.

  9. I so agree, Marisol. That’s what I thought too. But they have a couple hotels that are European and Asian inspired but I guess some people don’t mind. It’d be very boring for me.
    Glad you like the photos.

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