Soulful Sundays – Al Jarreau

The friends I made while I was at university are still friends today. Back then, we shared each little discovery: music, foods, movies, books, etc. It was one of these friends who introduced me to Al Jarreau.

In time, all of us were listening to, talking about his music and following him in the media.

Jarreau, a seven-time Grammy Award winner, was born Alwin Jarreau in 1940 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition to being a preacher, his father was a singer, his mother a piano teacher. The family sang together at church concerts and Jarreau performed with his mother at PTA meetings.

He graduated with a Masters in Vocational Education and worked as Rehabilitation Counsellor in San Francisco while moonlighting as jazz singer. In 1968, he went into music full time and recorded his debut album, We Got By, in 1975.

Jarreau has about twenty recordings to his credit, including his live double album, Look to the Rainbow, which earned him his first Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Performance.

I couldn’t decide which song to feature today. Finally, I settled on Take Five which I believe shows Jarreau’s artistry. Let me know what you think.





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  1. It is one of his best works … so I’ll Take Five any day. I loved Al back in the day when he was performing everywhere and hitting the stage with other jazz greats. I’m glad to reconnect to that time through his music… Nice choice Marcia… 🙂

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