Soulful Sundays: Dennis Brown

One of the few child stars in Jamaica, Dennis Brown recorded his first hit when he was just eleven years old. The “Crown Prince of Reggae” recorded more than 75 albums in the lovers rock style, a romantic genre of reggae music, producing hit after hit in a prolific career which spanned nearly thirty years and included stints as a producer for his DEB label in the UK.

Dennis Brown

Brown, who was born in Kingston in 1957, died in 1999 but his musical style has influenced many other reggae singers.

Last year, Brown was named to NPR’s 50 Great Voices “from around the world and across time.” The list includes Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Mahalia Jackson, among others.

In recognition of his contribution to music, the Government of Jamaica posthumously awarded him the Commander of the Order of Distinction posthumously on October 17th, National Heroes Day.

Take a listen to two of Brown’s hits, If I Follow My Heart and Love Has Found Its Way.



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  1. What a super talented and gifted brother… 75 albums is impressive and it’s sad he didn’t live to get that special award. RIP Dennis Brown…

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