Soulful Sundays: Desmond Dekker

As I write about Desmond Dekker, a Gregory Isaacs song (Love is Overdue) is coming to me from across the way. I’m thrilled to see that the music popularized by artists such as Dekker, Isaacs, Marley, Dennis Brown, etc., is holding its own against dancehall.

Desmond Dekker
Desmond Dekker, photo from the Internet

Desmond Dekker and his backup band, the Aces, won the Jamaica Festival Song Competition in 1968 with Music Like Dirt and had a string of hits that year, including A It Mek and Poor Mi Israelite. Israelite topped the charts in the UK and made Dekker the first Jamaican artist to have a UK hit. The success of Israelite paved the way for other Jamaican artists who made up the ska/reggae “invasion” of the UK that went on to influence punk music there.

Dekker was born Desmond Dacres in St. Andrew on July 16, 1945. He died in the UK on May 25, 2006. Please listen to Poor Mi Israelite and another hit, 007 Shanty Town.

2 comments on “Soulful Sundays: Desmond Dekker

  1. As I listened to Dekker’s music, I thought it sounded like an older sound but in all truth, it could be current. I see that most raggae, at least what I’ve heard, is timeless. Maybe it’s because the genre keeps a similar pattern. I don’t know. Thanks for introducing me to him.

  2. You’re welcome. These guys are really the pioneers and they’ve been keeping the music going for quite sometime now.
    Their sound is classic and timeless. You’re welcome. Glad you like.

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