Soulful Sundays – Ernest Ranglin

For most people, reggae is Jamaican music. But before there was reggae, there were other types of music, most notably ska. Guitarist Ernest (Ernie) Ranglin is one of the musicians credited with creating ska.

In addition to his involvement with ska, Ranglin created the soundtrack for the Bond film, Dr. No, which was

Jazz Guitarist, Ernest 'Ernie' Ranglin
Jazz Guitarist, Ernest 'Ernie' Ranglin

filmed in Jamaica. Born in Jamaica 79 years ago, Ranglin started playing at an early age after listening to his musician uncles play the ukelele and guitar and practicing with their instruments. His style is a fusion of jazz and reggae. Ranglin’s worked with several musicians and recorded more than thirty albums.

A few years ago, I saw Ranglin perform at Aaron Davis Hall in Harlem. For most of the show, I felt absolutely giddy with excitement, a huge smile plastered on my face. Take  s listen to one of my favorites, Below the Baseline.




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  1. Nice, relaxing music.

    I’m not familiar with this artist and I’d not heard of ska either. The only other artist who I’ve been able to identify as mixing jazz and reggae is Courtney Pine.

  2. It is remarkable how much our folk have contribute to the arts, science and what have you… and the documentation is beginning t surface now that the internet is accessible to everything and everyone. Dr No, eh? Who knew… TY lady! 🙂

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