Soulful Sundays: Maysa

My wonderful blog buddy, Tosh Fomby who blogs at Totsy Mae, introduced me to this singer, Maysa Leak. I’d never heard about her

Maysa Leak, photo courtesy of YouTube

before but right away, I felt like I ‘knew’ her. She reminds me of someone else, though I can’t remember who. It’ll come back to me when I’m not trying so hard.

Mayas was born in 1966 in Baltimore, Maryland. She’s been a lead singer for the British jazz/funk/R&B band, Incognito, and counts Chaka Khan as an inspiration.

Besides her work with Incognito, she has several solo albums to her credit.

Here’s her interpretation of All I Do.


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  1. Nice, Marcia. I don’t think I’d heard this rendition of Stevie’s song by Maysa. Thanks 🙂

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