Soulful Sundays: Sting

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All the music in my collection have a personal backstory. Sting‘s Ten Summoner’s Tales CD has special resonance for me as it is the music that helped me through a stressful transition.

I knew about Sting from his days with The Police but something about that particular CD made me really take notice. Each track spoke to me in different ways. It accompanied me on the way to and from work. If it had been in the days of vinyl, I would have worn a groove into all its tracks.

I played it so often, I knew all the lyrics and could identify key guitar licks. Of course, as far as I was concerned, Sting was singing only to me. You couldn’t convince me otherwise.

So, take a listen to Sting’s Shape of My Heart. I love this version – it’s so spare, so clean, so Sting.



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2 comments on “Soulful Sundays: Sting

  1. Hi Marcia

    I’ve got this album in my collection, my personal favourite is Fields of Gold. I’m not a great fan of his, nor of the Police, but I do like this album

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