Spring Signs

Signs of Spring

I took these photographs last March in DC with my Blackberry. As I remember, it had warmed up a bit during the week but later turned cold, rainy and windy so most of the Cherry Blossoms I wanted to see had been blown away by the weekend.

The tulips, however, survived the bad weather and were just beautiful. All kinds of colors and color combination.

Purple Tulip

It was almost the same type of weather we had this time last year, warm one day, we had 70+ degrees last Friday, then back into the 30s and 40s the next.


Hope the spring flowers survive.


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6 comments on “Spring Signs

  1. Hi Marcia, it’s Tony from England, sorry I havent been in touch lately. I’m about to launch a new blog, so will forward a link tomorrow. Hope you’re keeping well

  2. Pretty! We’ve lived in the DC for almost nine years and finally went to the Cherry Blossom Festival for the first time last year 🙂

  3. Hello Tony, how are you? A new blog???
    Tell me more! Looking forward to reading it.
    What will you do with the other one?

  4. Yes, I went last year too. I used to go often enough while I was there but hadn’t been back after I moved.
    Last year, my cousin and I decided to meet there – it was beautiful. Her allergies kicked in big time, mine wasn’t too bad.
    We walked all around the Tidal Basin — a bit cold but the sun was out so it was quite lovely.

  5. Hello, Thanks for the visit to Ce Lieu; were these pics taken at the US Botanic Garden? I was there around June in ’09 and those plants were lovely and exotic. Enjoy your Spring!

  6. Hello Mia, they were taken near the Tidal Basin. Yes. they are beautiful. Love tulips, they always feel like spring.
    I love your blog, love your photos. You’ve got a great eye. I’ve subscribed. Looking forward to seeing more.

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