Surrounded by Beauty, 2

Flowering plants play such an important part in our lives. Their color and composition have inspired artists such as Georgia O’Keefe, Van Gogh and Monet, and poets like William Wordsworth. They are accepted as a symbol of love and passion, even innocence. Some have even been recognized for their medicinal properties.

Here are a few more from the garden. Unfortunately, I’m still working on learning their names.


5 comments on “Surrounded by Beauty, 2

  1. I’ve been drinking Hibiscus Tea over the last couple of weeks. I believe that’s a plant too. Sometimes, I buy fresh flowers for my centerpiece and they do brighten up the home.

  2. Absolutely stunning flowers and the colors are so vibrant. That is something I miss about being in the tropics. 🙂

  3. Again a wonderful set of photos! The colors, the freshness everything is just terrific! The first flower – Bouganvilla, We have that in our lawn in bright pink! And the last plant too!

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