Surrounded by Beauty

Each morning I wake up, a new flower has bloomed or a fruit tree has put out blossoms. The colors are bold, the combinations delightfully unexpected. Take a look and see what I mean.

Name unknown

At first, this did not appear to be a flowering plant. The leaves alone were beautiful enough. I was surprised when I noticed that a bud had appeared and even more surprised when I saw the color. I never would have expected lilac. Unfortunately, I have no idea what its name is but I’ll be asking around.


I wouldn’t have expected to see holly in Jamaica since I associate it with colder climates and the carol, The Holly and the Ivy / When they a both full grown / Of all the trees that are in the woods /The holly wears the crown.

Pink Hibiscus
Pink Hibicus

Red rather was more popular when I was younger than pink. But there’s more gradation of color on the pink than on the red.

Pink Lusitania

Most flowers are known by their local rather than their botanical names. Either way, I just love these red and pink Lusitania. That yellow in the middle was totally unexpected.

Red Lusitania
Rice & Peas
Rice & Peas

We used to have a Rice & Peas plant when I was younger but the flowers were much smaller and pink and burgundy in color. And it really looked like the dish, Rice & Peas (red kidney beans), a Sunday staple. I wish I knew the botanical name.

I’d forgotten how proud Jamaican women are about their gardens and how zealously they tend them. I remember my grandmother, wherever she went, if there was a flower she didn’t have that she loved, she’d ask for a “cutting.” Usually, no one refuses – it’s the way things are. Whole conversations would start and continue over flowers, how to grow and care for them, what pests to watch out for, etc.

Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit my grandmother’s green thumb but I love flowers and love even more to be surrounded by so much beauty.



6 comments on “Surrounded by Beauty

  1. Those are beautiful and for them to be blooming when it’s turning cold in my part of the world is refreshing. I was thinking the rice and peas flowers looked like wedding flowers. My son made the rice and peas dish you sent me, by the way. Delish. What is it with me and Jamaican food and music? I love them both.

  2. Must be. I gotta ask my mom who my real daddy is.

    My daughter has a mentor who’s from Jamaica. We spoke yesterday and will meet this weekend. Very nice. As they become better acquainted, she has offered to bring Little Totsy to Jamaica at some point. I love her already. 🙂

  3. I must admit that I never know the names of trees and flowers, Marcia! Lovely series!

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