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Jamaica Board Signs, I

Signs like this one make me smile. Specifically, it’s the part that states, it is my intention to apply. As long as you intend to apply, you’re golden.

Liquor license sign

Like most places, business establishments in Jamaica that sell spirits must have a license. However, they can begin operating without one if they post a sign like the one above.

There are clear requirements for the sign: it must be in capital letters not below 5mm in height, and displayed prominently.

The business owner must apply for a license and submit the application form ‘21 clear days’ prior to the sitting of the Licensing Authority, but I’ve seen signs like these displayed on businesses for months or even years. I’ve often wondered if the owners just never bothered to take them down after they receive the license or if they ever bother to submit an application. After all, if the authorities ask, you can just say, I intend to apply.

Applying doesn’t mean the license will be issued automatically. Members of the community can object, but it has to be in in writing.

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