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It gets no better than low cost Florida holidays

There is nowhere else in the United States that captures the imagination of holidaymakers from the UK quite like Florida, in the country’s south-eastern corner. The pan-handle state has a reputation as being one of the most amazing places in the world for tourist to visit and check out the attractions. Families tend to be particularly won over by the quite wondrous array of theme parks and purpose-built centres of fun like the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Studios. For adults and couples in particular, there is no shortage of stunning scenery to take in or more leisurely pursuits to enjoy amidst the sunshine.

And for British tourists there are dozens of low cost Florida holidays to choose from at any given time and flights now head out of a lengthy list of UK airports throughout the year. So whichever part of the country you’d like to set off from and whatever activities attract you to the sunshine state there are package deals to suit your needs and your budget.

Universal Studios
Universal Studios

There really is nowhere else in the world quite like Florida, with the theme parks in and around places like Orlando well worth the airfare alone. But when you add to that the quality of the beaches, the nearly non-stop local nightlife, the belt-busting restaurant portion sizes and the general sense of adventure that pervades the place, you start to understand why Florida remains so relentlessly popular with British tourists from one generation to the next.

And if you’re more interested in making par than meeting Mickey Mouse and friends over at Disney World then you’ll be interested to know that Florida has a selection of some of the best golf courses to be found anywhere in the world. There is something very special about taking a trip to Florida and there aren’t many more perfect destinations for cheap family holidays.

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