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FoodieTuesday: A Traditional Breakfast in Jamaica

In Jamaica, a traditional breakfast, sometimes called a country breakfast, is substantial. It usually includes some of the following: green bananas, Johnny Cakes also known as fried dumplings, roasted or fry-roasted breadfruit, fried plantains, bammie (a flat bread made from cassava), and yam and either ackee and saltfish, saltfish and callaloo, mackerel, fried fish, pork, or liver.

Green bananas, Johnny cakes, ackee, callaloo for FoodieTuesday
Traditional Breakfast offered at a special tour of Appleton Estate

A traditional breakfast in Jamaica can sometimes mean porridge made from bananas, cornmeal, plantains, oats.

This particular traditional breakfast included green bananas (on the left, they don’t look green though), dumplings (the two round items on the right), callaloo (green, from the spinach family), ackee and saltfish (yellow), and mackerel (between the bananas and the ackee).

Of course, a traditional breakfast such as this takes time to prepare so nowadays it’s more often done on weekends or purchased from restaurants and cookshops. And a breakfast like this will stay with you all day.


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