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Going Round the Cape of Good Hope

We were undecided about whether to go to Cape Point that Sunday, as Ian suggested, but now I can’t remember why.

On a map of Cape Town, Ian showed us the route he had outlined for us to take from the city to the Cape of Good Hope, the south westernmost point of the continent. We would be passing through Camps Bay, Hout Bay, Chapman’s Peak Drive, Simon’s Town and Cape Point. A scenic route, that took us west to east and down to the Cape of Good Hope.

We stopped at each place and took photo after photo.

Camps Bay, with it’s stunning vistas, is home to Cape Town’s affluent. No surprise here.

Camps Bay
View of the bay
Camps Bay
Table Mountain’s tablecloth seen from Camps Bay

By the time we got to Chapman’s Peak and looked at Hout Bay, the clouds had begun rolling in.

Clouds rolling in on Hout Bay (seen from Chapman’s Peak)

It was a hauntingly beautiful sight….

More clouds on Hout Bay

Between the colorful striations in the rocks along Chapman’s Peak Drive and this interesting canopy above, we were thankful that Ian was behind the wheel as we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the view.

Chapman’s Peak Drive


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