Tasty Thursdays: Street Food

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When the weather’s good, few of us want to stay indoors, especially at lunch time. And in New York City, vendors with food carts make it easy for those of us who wish to, to enjoy the sun and an inexpensive meal at the same time.

Food trucks are not just around construction sites these days, they’re everywhere. And they’re offering more than just coffee and bagels.

Some offer gourmet food, pastries or desserts.

And some of the more savvy owners go online to let their customers know what’s on their menus, where they will be and at what time.

My introduction to street food (or street meat as a co-worker called it) was from a truck near Rockefeller Center. My chicken and rice rivaled any I could have bought in a restaurant and wasn’t very expensive. In the block around my office, I can buy coffee and bagels for breakfast. For lunch, peas soup, fried fish, curried chicken or oxtail from the mobile extension of a Jamaican restaurant that’s located in Brooklyn. Sometimes before I go down, I check how long the line is or arrange to meet a friend and we catch up while we wait.

I love getting my a meal on the go from a truck, especially when the weather’s good.

Here are a few trucks to check out –

  • World’s Best Sandwich, 20th Street & Broadway
  • Super Tacos, 96th & Broadway
  • Steak Truck, 47th & Park
  • Yvonne’s, 71st & York
  • Trini Paki Boys, 43rd & 6th Ave
  • The Mudtruck East, Astor Place
  • Desi Food Truck, 50th St & 6th Ave

Bon Appetit!

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4 comments on “Tasty Thursdays: Street Food

  1. Oh girl, you must be a regular!
    You have some of the best on your list. I love their prices and the freshness of their foods.
    My favorite; bagel and coffee for $1.50 – early morning combo. 🙂

  2. What a great post! It is such a reflection of where you are and the things you encounter each day. Some my best meals have been from small restaurants (but not street venders like you have!) that serve high flavor/low cost meals. Now I’m ready to find something really good for lunch today!

  3. Thanks, Marge! It sure is. My little corner of NYC has a little bit of everything.
    I, too, love small restaurants — especially ones where the food is tasty and not overly priced. Food trucks have grown up.
    Hope you found something really good and satisfying for lunch today,

  4. You can’t beat that, Elizabeth!
    And yes, I am a regular – especially when the weather’s good.
    You must be in the city?

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