Falmouth’s Georgian Buildings, I

Falmouth, Trelawny, has the largest collection of intact Georgian buildings in the Caribbean. Several have been restored by the Falmouth Heritage Renewal.

On a recent visit, I took photos of some of these beautiful, old buildings.

Falmouth Baptist Manse
Falmouth Baptist Manse, now home of Falmouth Heritage Renewal

Built in 1798 for the Athol Union Masonic Lodge of the Scottish Constitution, it was the first masonic temple in Jamaica. In 1834, it was sold to the Baptist Missionary because of debts incurred during its construction.

It is believed that the Baptist Missionary and Abolitionist, William Knibb (1803-45) lived here in the 1830s with his family. Much later (1951-75), the Manse became the William Knibb High School. It was restored recently by the William Knibb Trust and is now home to Falmouth Heritage Renewal.

St. Peter's Anglican Church, Falmouth
St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Falmouth

The Falmouth Parish Church of St. Peter the Apostle, was built circa 1796 on land that was given by Edward Barrett of Cinnamon Hill. As I wrote in a previous post, the Barretts were wealthy sugar family who owned 84,000 acres stretching from Montego Bay to Falmouth.

St. Peter's Anglican Church, Falmouth
St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Falmouth

Stained glass above the altar.

St. Peter's Anglican Church, Falmouth
St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Falmouth

A few yards from the church is a small cemetery with headstones dating to the 1700s. One of the members told us that there are also graves beneath the church — I wasn’t interested in seeing whether it was true. As we walked around we couldn’t miss this goat. He was sitting under the shade of a nearby tree, looking as if he belonged.

The Falmouth Heritage Renewal offers walking tours of Falmouth Heritage District from Mondays to Fridays at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The tours start at the Baptist Manse, 9 Market Street, and last about 75 minutes. There is no charge, however, donations are welcomed.


This is my submission to this week’s Budget Travelers Sandbox Travel Photo Thursday series. Be sure to check out other photo and story entries on their website.


46 comments on “Falmouth’s Georgian Buildings, I

  1. Beautiful set of shots. I love both old buildings and walking tours. I always try to take at least one when I am in a new city.

  2. Love these photos. A few more TP Thursday posts like this and you’ll have us booking a flight your direction!

  3. Walking around and seeing old buildings is one of my favorite trip activities 🙂 The goat is precious!

  4. Now if that were Falmouth Massachusetts, that goat would be in trouble. You know that goats are associated with devil worship and witches, don’t you?

  5. Marcia – I love the goat photo – just casually hanging out in the cemetery. And the building in the top photo is gorgeous. You’re certainly showing us another side of the Caribbean – one that few tourists see or probably even think about. Also love the way the palm trees frame the house.

  6. Such beautiful historic buildings! Is that the same Falmouth where the large cruise ships are now docking? I thought that I had read somewhere that it was essentially a shopping centre set up by the cruise lines. It would be nice to know that they were actually visiting an authentic Jamaican town.

  7. I like the simple, but intriguing architecture of these buildings. Visiting old cemeteries can be very interesting, too. The goat adds a nice touch to that last photo.

  8. Beautiful. Were those buildings built with sandstone? Almost looks like it. I grew up in a small South African town where many of the public library and municipal buildings were in sandstone. Such a lovely texture.

  9. I love old buildings like these especially the stained glass window. That goat shot is precious!

  10. Hello Marcia, Enjoying your blog. I’m a fellow travel partner with uencounter.me

    I’ve never been to Jamaica but hope to one day!
    Happy blogging! -)

  11. Some of the inscriptions on headstones can be quite revealing too.
    I also love looking at these old buildings — you get a real sense of the times. Yup, loved that goat. He was right at home.

  12. Some buildings here were made with sandstone but I’m not sure if these were, Celia.
    I’m planning to do the walking tour and will definitely ask. Thanks.

  13. It’s definitely the best way to experience a place. I love doing that as well — it also helps me with my orientation as I’m directionally challenged! Yes, that goat is precious!

  14. Thanks, Nancie. Walking is one of the best ways of getting to know a new place. And old buildings? They add so much texture and character to a place.

  15. I think the goat is my favorite part! The photos of the church are great, particularly the stained glass. Great post, it is so interesting to learn so much about the Caribbean. It is so close but i never knew much about the region.

  16. Hey Anwar, glad you like the goat and stained glass. You’ll find both all over Jamaica, especially goats.
    The Caribbean, in general, is quite diverse. I’m still learning more and more about it everyday. Thanks for visiting.

  17. Wow, the church really has some age on it. Makes me think of all the different type of people who could’ve passed through. The stained glass is so intricate. Looks like the church has been very well preserved.

  18. Yes, since the 1700s and it’s still standing. A LOT of people have passed through those doors.
    Each time I see stained glass, I want to see how it’s made.

  19. Haha! Maybe that’s why I like walking around: help get a clue about where I am.

  20. That goat in the cemetary is a classic shot! Its nice you are able to capture “normal” life in the most uncanny of places 🙂 I also love the cloudless, blue sky. I’m envious as I’ve not seen that in I can’t even remember.

  21. Oh, sorry to hear that, Sherry. I feel very lucky to have it, I forget it’s still winter in a lot of places.
    Thanks. I kept moving closer and closer towards him but he didn’t move or even look my way. He was at home.

  22. I was baptized in St. Peter’s Anglican church. Goats are great at clearing out weeds, and cute. Falmouth has an interesting history.

  23. Great to ‘meet’ someone who’s connected to this beautiful church.
    Falmouth does have an interesting history and that goat is definitely cute.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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